Thursday, January 11, 2007

Don’t Say I Didn’t Tell Ya So

In the 8th or 9th grade, I remember thinking about something one night. I laid there on my bed and I saw bad bad things happening all over the world in my dreams that night.

The next day, I wrote down what I saw. I told people what I saw, and of course I just sounded like a crazy person. One person believed me though. The last time I saw him, he thought he was a vampire hunter. He walked around with a trench coat and a samurai sword. He was arrested when he attacked someone in a trailer park late one night claiming that the person was a vampire. The last I heard, he was in an asylum. Guess that’s not the most credible person to back me up.

I outlined 5 things that will bring humans to their knees. Take a read, see if you can guess where I started to lose credibility.

Global warming – I’ve been saying this for a while now. There’s better evidence to back it up today, but no one seems to care. Temperature is increasing and weather patterns are becoming more erratic. We’re creating misalignments in nature that is disruptive to everything around us. Nature will forcefully and violently realign itself. We will not fare well in the realignment.

Most people today are too self centered to care about a global problem. Also, we live in societies that don’t teach the philosophy of the collective. It’s all about the me everywhere you go. We’ve been taught that anything we do is too little to matter. We’ve been taught to just care about having more stuff.

A lot of this is due to the wealth gap issue as well. If you’re starving, you won’t care about global warming. If you’re rich, well, why would you need to care?

Wealth gap – This is by far the granddaddy root of most of the problems today. Don’t let people fool you with their rationalizations for their actions. It’s all about money at the end of the day. As long as there is such a large gap between the rich and the poor, there will always be problems. You will always be able to pay someone to do something stupid like blow themselves up.

Sure, it sounds great with all those virgins you’re getting, but why did you really do it. More than likely, because some rich guy will give your family money so they don’t have to starve. Don’t kid yourselves, that’s why they did it. Go ahead, find me one that didn’t get compensated somehow.

There will always be slavery. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that doesn’t exist anymore. As the wealth gap increases, it will only get worst. Things like the sex trade, a topic no one ever speaks of, will just get bigger and worst.

Soon it will be too late to turn back the clock. A mentality of rich vs poor will be bred into the young. The cycles will then just continue. Rich will expect to and become richer. The poor will expect to and continue to be poor. Changing that mentality will be near impossible.

Overpopulation – There are too many people in this world. Plain and simple. Can the world sustain more? Probably. But why? Why make it so difficult to sustain ourselves?

All, yes, I say all, wars today are over resources. Don’t let them give you other bullshit reasons. We’re fighting for resources to sustain our own way of life. Everyone is and that’s it.

I know it’s programmed into us and in our DNA to procreate in order to protect the species. I understand this and support the design. What was not designed was a cap. It’s great for the growth to happen if we can or willing to control it. Which of course there’s no way in hell that will happen on a global level. We just continue to multiple and the wars will intensify as so many fights for the same little bits of resources. Humans will spread like a cancer with its uncontrollable growth until it destroys the host which in turn will destroy the cancer.

China – Back when I first thought of this, I expected China to take power through force. This I concede I was wrong on. They are every bit as scary as I imagined, but they did it through economics and influence rather than just brute strength. Very impressive.

Today, China is one of the most powerful economic engines in the world. The majority of the debt the US created through this war is owed to China. The US pays millions to China each day just in interest. The US is funding its own and the world’s demise.

I’m not saying China will be the cause of the world’s demise, just that they will be a catalyst.

Maybe not through military power, but through pollution from its ever growing and industrialized citizens, will push global warming over the top. China, ironic that it’s communist, has one of the biggest wealth gaps in the world. The people will revolt soon, there will be blood.

Killer bees – I think I must’ve watched a documentary on this around the time I was thinking this. I’ve always though the killer bees will swarm and spread faster than humans can control. I always said that the bees are coming. Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!

As I read in an article today, through a decade’s time, the killer bees have indeed migrated from South America to North America. The article was on the spread of killer bees in the New Orleans area after Kathrina. These are hybrid bees that are generally more aggressive and kill other insect types in the area. Hope you enjoy your honey.

The bees may have been where I started to lose people and credibility, but I know the last one will destroy any credibility that I may have from the other points.

Godzilla – Not Godzilla in particular, but a giant lizard like beast that’s pissed and bent on destroying. I believe that there is a natural last resort mechanism that we’re bound to wake. It will be seriously pissed when it wakes up either through an accident, or perhaps the waters getting too warm for its sleep.

One scenario I thought was that Atlantis controlled a creature like this, and therefore they had to be destroyed. I believe humans will find Atlantis one day, and by accident, turn the beast loose.

The others seem to be right on mark. We’ll see how this last one plays out.

You thought there would be a zombie uprising didn't ya?

Well you're wrong. I didn't care for zombies back then.

Of course if you ask me now, yes. Zombie uprising would be included on this list.

Enjoy your day :)

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