Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I was in Vegas this last weekend for a wedding. You often hear about it or see it in TV or movies, but most people (at least me), didn’t actually think it happens. I was in Vegas this last weekend for a wedding where Elvis presided over the wedding. Sweetness.

Yes folks, Elvis wedding in Vegas. What better way to celebrate your big day then with the King in Las Vegas.

It seemed normal enough in the beginning. We all gathered in a small lobby area waiting for the chapel to be ready. There was a gift shop and a motel attached to the chapel. That you may not see in all churches, but Yay for not having to wait to consummate the marriage. I wonder if one of the wedding packages includes an hour free in one of the rooms?

Inside the chapel it seemed pretty normal. There were 2 rows of pews. At the center was a podium. There were two scantily clad show girls standing behind the podiums swaying around to the music that was playing. Just like the church I remembered.

While I busily stared at the show girls thinking how they could stand there with those insane heels on, I noticed fog coming from the stage. It started in the air, and then the floor started to flow with a layer of fog. The music got a little big louder as the excitement of what’s to come grew.

All of a sudden, the back of the chapel opened up with a blinding brightness shinning from the outside. Before I knew what was going on, a pink Cadillac drove into the chapel. The music was now blaring (‘It’s all right’ I think) as Elvis drove the bride into the chapel.

The King proceeded to walk the bride to the alter where the groom and the showgirls awaits. Elvis finished singing a couple of songs and the ceremony began.

The ceremony was quite funny and sweet as Elvis tried to incorporate as many lyrics into the vows as he could. Other than Elvis and the show girls, the rest of the ceremony was pretty normal. A very cool thing was that the entire wedding was being web-casted live. There were a few family members that wouldn’t travel so this was a great way to do it. I recommend that for all weddings.

Elvis sang ‘Love me tender’ as the couple had their first dance. It’s cheesy, but it was quite cute to have Elvis sing to you as you have your first dance. Not a bad singer that Elvis.

After the ceremony, pictures were taken and we were taken to the reception area. I use the word reception area very loosely. As the chapel was attached to a motel, the reception area was actually 2 converted bedrooms.

There was a garter toss. The garter had a big picture of Elvis attached to it. Very classy. For some reason, most of the guys disappeared when this started. It was actually just me and a 7 yr old. No, I did not end up with the garter.

At the end of the reception, I was helping to take care of everything to make sure the bride and groom didn’t have to do much. The bride shouldn’t have to do anything and the groom was still feeling a hangover from the night before. After getting most everything cleaned up, there was just one thing left to do. The top of the cake.

I guess it’s traditional to keep the top layer of the cake. The bride and groom were going off on a cruise after the wedding so they couldn’t take it. Somehow I got the responsibility of getting the cake mailed to the groom’s mother.

There was no box for the cake so we were just driving the cake around. After unsuccessfully driving to a few mailbox etc and other shipping places (closed cause it was Sunday), we finally found a FedEX Kinkko’s that was open.

I went in the store and put the cake on the counter. When the employee asked if she could help me, I simply said I need to mail this.

I’m guessing they don’t get that many request to mail a piece of cake. She went off and conference with the other employees. Pretty soon, she came back to tell me that they can’t ship something like this and that if I go to their main mailing facility across town they maybe able to help. However, she seriously doubt if they would mail it either. Also, the place was closed until Monday.

So much for their ad of being able to ship whatever.

I ended up taking pictures of the cake and all the decorations with me. Unfortunately, the cake had to be left. It didn’t look like that complicated of a cake so I’m sure any bakery can recreate it. I have the Elvis topper along with the chips and dice that decorated the cake. I think that’ll do.

The Elvis wedding was definitely something to experience. It was a fun show for everyone involved. Personally, I’d prefer on the beach or on a hill/cliff overlooking the ocean, but Elvis is Elvis. You can’t go wrong with the King (unless it’s the burger king marrying you, then it’s kinda creepy).

Congrats S and A!! All the best in your marriage!!

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