Sunday, April 15, 2007

Headline Pup

Here are my comments on current headlines.

U.S. to extend troops' Iraq tours to 15 months

Yes, this is going to go well. There’s also an article stating that the military is spending 1 billion dollars in bonuses to keep the military personnel there. It’s taken that extreme of a measure to keep our forces there. Suprised that so many are not re-enlisting?

What in the hell are you doing to our military Mr. President?

I cringe every time W blames anyone for not supporting the military. You, Mr. President are the worst culprit and abuser this military has ever endured. Every military analyst and former military commander have all stated that what is being done to our military will require decades to fix. We are incapable of quickly responding to any major event that happens within our country or in any country outside the Middle East because the military has been stretch so thin.

Funny, for someone who ditched their military duties seems to think they know a lot about how to command the military. This is not a game Mr. President. These are real people that you’re fucking around with, and for all your talk about wanting to protect this country, you sure are doing a good job of weakening our defenses.

Take some responsibility for once. You got us into this. Stop claiming it’s someone else’s fault for the situation the military is in. Man up for once.

Coward is the new adjective that I have for you now.

Al-Qaida claims two Algeria bombings

Any of you still think Saddam was the biggest threat to the US and the world? We had these guys (Al-Qaida) on the run. We had the world with us hunting these bastards down. What did we do? We turned out attention to something that was not only NOT a threat, but if you actually read any intelligence on the matter, would know that Saddam hated Al-Qaida too.

Meanwhile, while we half assed Afghanistan, the Taliban is back and just as strong as before. We now have to fight them all over again. This time, we're in the defensive positions.

Great leadership W.

Cheney: Democrats will drop timetables

Yes. Give this administration another blank check for billions of dollars without any form of checks or accountabilities. That seemed to have worked well for the 1st trillion dollars that we spent.

I love how you spin the situation as the democrates holding up the process. Sir, in case you didn't know? You're the one doing the vetos.

Anyone remember what W said about, Iraq’s oil will pay for everything and we won’t have to spend any money on reconstruction? How’s that working out?

Report blames Pentagon neglect for Walter Reed conditions.

No shit Sherlock. Who else’s fault would it be? The wounded soldiers who was given false hope that the military would take good care of them?

Catholic sex abuse claims drop for second year, report finds

What do you want? A fucking cookie? You’re not suppose to have sex abuse claims you self righteous bastards.

Study: Abstinence Classes Failing

Wow, that's a big suprise. I would've NEVER had guessed that telling kids not to have sex would not be enough to stop them from having sex. We spend $176 million dollars a year on this crap.

Students who took part in sexual abstinence programs were just as likely to have sex as those who did not, according to a study ordered by Congress.

You and your Neo-cons are a joke. Nothing you believe in or do is realistic. You live in some fantasy land where you actually think your ideas could work. The only way for your ideas to work is to live in a theocracy. You know, like the people in the Middle East that we’re fighting. Yes, I see no difference between you and them. There’s nothing Al-Quida or any of those radical Islamic groups over there that could’ve harmed our country more in the last 5 years than you.

It’s time you woke up. When you signed to approve this abstinence you knew this was just another way for you to indirectly fund churches using government money (yea, check it, most of this money goes to church sponsored programs). Everything you've done is someway for your little friends and special interest groups. I have not seen any action yet in 7 years that I thought you did for the good of ALL Americans.

These are seriously times, and we need seriously people who will try to solve them. We don't need some born again frat boy trying to hook up his friends with sweet jobs and incentives and play war games with real lives.

You have a bit over a year left. Please be a leader for all of America for once. I beg of you.

Be a leader that Amercians can be proud to call their president.


foundme said...

Maybe if you hold your breath waiting for W to become a leader, it won't seem so bad, since you'll be all passed out and shit? I mean, time flies when your hypoxic, or so I hear!

My friend Tanya, who's son is in Iraq, and has been expecting to come home in December, just got told he's gotta stay.

He also just got his first purple heart for getting shrapnel in his hand from an IED that blew his good friend's leg off in the seat next to him.

Kate the Peon said...

When did angry Pup come to visit?

chops said...

ah, i wish the media would report what really happens

Pup said...

Not everything can be won with military might. The military doesn't rebuild countries, and if this president is trying to do that with our military, he's really screwing with them.

We shouldn't have been there in the first place. Being there now will not make the situation better.

By there I mean Iraq. We need to go back to Afganistan and finish what we started. You remember that, the war that everyone in the US and the world approved and supported.

chops said...

if you google quotes from hillary, kerry, and several other dems, you will find that they did in fact, support going to Iraq to get rid of Saddam. Problem is, they are too spineless and concerned with political gain to stand up for what is right.

Didn't Kerry say something along the lines of "i voted for the war before i voted against it" or somethin like that?