Sunday, April 08, 2007

Stressful De-stress Day

Having had a pretty long week, I planned to have a de-stress Saturday. I would do things that I’ve been meaning to do for a while around town. Not thinking about work or anything related to work.

The day started out well. I went to the museum where they had an exhibit from the Louve. Some of the art was amazing. What’s even more amazing is that they have this head set that they give you. Next to all the paintings or pieces of art there was a number. You just have to push the number into the headset and a description/story of the art would come on. Simply brilliant.

I was pretty interested in the stories about how elaborate life on the court was. They had all this great art and excess of fancy stuff everywhere. All the while, the common people in France were all starving. Yea, the court deserved to have their heads chopped off.

Afterwards, we went to a couple of bars to have a few drinks. Later in the evening, I decided to go to a club with a friend. I hate clubs. I don’t do them because of the people that go. Pretentious dumb ass posers that’s just there to hook up. Nothing wrong with that, I have different expectations when going to a club. Like actual dancing. This is my problem. I know that.

Anyway, we went to a place to meet up with another friend before going. We had a couple of drinks and when we came out, Lucy was gone. Oh my fucking lord. Lucy’s gone.

There was a cop nearby so I waved him down and started screaming about where the hell is my car. He said to call 911 to see if it had been impounded. Seriously? Is this the best use for 911?

I called and sure enough, Lucy had been towed. The police offered no reason as to why it was towed. I parked next to a meter. It was a real spot. I later found out that after 8pm, that spot becomes a taxi only spot. Nice of them to let people know with signs. Oh wait, yea, there wasn’t any.

Since there was nothing we could do that night about Lucy, I agreed to go to the club. I’m already seriously pissed. When we got to the club, they wouldn’t let me in. What the fuck? The guy was like you need to wear a collar shirt and you can’t wear sneakers.

Listen jackass. People who actually dance need to have dancing gear, and that’s what I’m wearing. Yea, I know you’re just looking for dumb ass preppy boys just there to drink and move around like they’ve got a rat crawling but their ass, but don’t be cramping me. Y’all can go fuck yourselves.

I’m sure if I said that my night would’ve gotten worst.

My friends had already gone through, and I went up to tell them the bad news. The manager came by and told me I can come in if I paid a bit more. Grudgingly, I agreed.

When we got in, it was just like I thought. A bunch of pretentious fucks that wouldn’t be able to dance if their lives depended on it. Just there chatting up the ladies. Oh, and you ladies might’ve looked good swaying back and forth, but please don’t say you were dancing. There were girls there that were paid to dance on the little stages. Now they can dance. Guess what, they wear sneakers.

I know that’s the purpose of these places. I know I get on my soapboxes about this, but I was in no mood. This might have been a club, and there might have been club music, but there certainly weren’t any club kids. I know I’m from a different mindset and era of clubs, but it’s just so hard to tolerate this crap. Especially being seriously pissed about Lucy.

The night went on. I got my groove on. I danced by the stage girls. They must’ve been ok with my moves. Talked to a couple of them and got some free water! Yay free water. They agreed about my view on most of the people in there.

I apologize to all of you that I texted. Especially the ones bragging about my dancing abilities. Totally uncalled for even if it’s true.

Today, I called the police to get Lucy back. Their computer system was down so they’re not able to release any car. That’s just fantastic. They’re only open from 8-4pm. This makes it very difficult for anyone to drive me by the station then pick up Lucy during the week.

Now Lucy’s gonna be scared and alone for another night. I’m glad gloomy’s with her. I’m going to take off the protection on gloomy’s claws when I get them back. He’ll have the order to claw out the next person that touches Lucy.

I blame all this on my stupidity. Not about the parking cause that just wasn’t marked. I was stupid in not making a trip this weekend. Stupid for not playing in an ultimate tournament cause I didn’t feel like getting cold. Stupid for trying to save $4 to park in a parking lot. Then stupid for going to clubs that I know would annoy the living shit out of me.

As a result of this, I’ve decided that I’m going to be grounded. No week night activity till May. Saturday nights I can visit someone’s home, but that’s it. No going out. I’m grounded. Hopefully that’ll teach me a lesson about being that stupid.


barrie said...

I’m grounded


Kate the Peon said...

Sorry, babe. Weekend sucked for us both. Esp. cuz I kept getting texts once I had gone to bed... :)

Pup said...

B - Hey, it's serious :p

KtP - Maybe someone shouldn't go to sleep like an old lady :P

Kate the Peon said...

It was after 12:30, bitch, cut me some slack!