Thursday, April 05, 2007

So you think?

I’ve just had the most non scary vivid and realistic dream I’ve ever had in a while. As some of you know, for whatever reason, I don’t dream much, or at least don’t remember them much anymore.

Today was different. I remembered everything.

I was walking by this building around downtown with some friends. We see a long line wrapped around one of the buildings and we ask what was going on. One of the people in line said that it’s the auditions for ‘So you think you can dance?’

As you would guess, that’s totally my show.

Somehow I decided to audition with my friends. I don’t know who these friends are as I don’t think I have any friends that dances without large amounts of alcohol. Maybe this is a hint from my sub-conscientious. Magically, even though there was a long line, we were in the audition room in no time. Good ol’ fast forwarding to the good part dreams.

We went in and they spilt us up in a small group. Unlike what you’ve seen on the actual show where they audition one by one, it was set up in a dance off format. There were probably around 6 of us hoping around in a circle. People took turns in the middle to showcase their stuff.

Everyone was doing some sick moves, including me (hey, it’s my dream).

The judges later lined us up to give us our evaluations. Then they chose 3 guys and a girl to move on. They said they had room for one more. They called me and a couple of other guys up. The judges couldn’t decide so they asked us to do a quick number to help them with their final decision.

The first guy did some handstands and flips, the second guy did head spins. When it got to me, I just let it out. I can’t remember what I did exactly, but I just remember it kicked ass. Remember, we’re still in my dream, so yes, I can do some kicked ass dance moves.

The head judge lined the 3 of us up again and spoke very nicely about all of us. Then he said. We’ve decided…..

Pup….. it’s time for you to get your dance on. (yes, I know that’s not what they say on the show, but they should).

I was thrilled!!

I literally jumped out of bed after that announcement.

Amazing that after only 5 hours of sleep, this dream got me all fired up for the day.

Coincidentally, I looked at the show on the web, and they’re having auditions here in Atlanta soon. HA.

UPDATE - OMG, the auditions are today. Hmmm..

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