Sunday, May 13, 2007

I may not know where I’m going, but at least I still know where home is

Let’s just for a second, pretend that I’m not too old for this.

Friday night, there was a show at one of my favorite venues with one of my favorite DJ spinning. The venue was great because unlike a club, it’s a concert venue so it’s quite large. I hate going to clubs because it’s always so awfully crowded. No room to dance makes Pup an angry Pup.

I gathered a crew together. T, many of you know from this blog, and a new person B. During my hay days, it was always a crew of 3. It works well that way. 3 can take care of each other easily. Small enough to be mobile, and big enough to form a semi-circle.

T and B are both pretty experienced in these things so it wasn’t difficult talking about some basic guidelines about what to do (no, I’m not being anal, it’s just a pain to find each other without some type of plans for just in case).

None of us has gone to a show in a while, but you don’t forget.

When we first got to the show, it was a bit early. Being old, you tend to get to shows earlier I’ve noticed. Sad but true cause you never know when you’ll have to leave.

When we walked across the parking lot, there were very few cars and that’s never a good sign. Also not a good sign was the lack of a big bass beat. Anyone knows that any good show you can hear the bass from pretty damn far away.

We got in there, and there weren’t too many people as expected. We hung out for a while buying our time and getting our drinks on. Slowly but surly, the people and the music started getting better and better.

Yada Yada… the place is now packed and I was feeling very good.

I was getting my dance on, but being old and out of shape really does suck for dancing. I think I was doing ok though. Some of the moves were a bit rusty, but it had it going on. There weren’t any others out there dancing the same way as I was, so nothing to pick up, but I think I brought something to the table.

Towards the end of the show, The DJ turned things up. The beat was strong, the music was loud. I closed my eyes as some kid was giving me a light show. For the first time in a while, I didn’t have any stress or worries going on in my head. Not thinking about work, not thinking about other personal stuff going on.

Only one thought in my head.

I’m home.


Kate the Peon said...

Speaking of T, why hasn't he posted in, like, forever? Does he need his ass beat? (Please tell me yes...please!)

Ha - my word verification ends in 'hpv.' You're dirty, Pup.

Celti said...

awwww, nice!

Pup said...

Unemployed people don't get to post.

Yes, T does seriously need an ass beating.

You know you miss it Celti

KO said...

T's a punk. Still no job?

Yoli said...


You're old!