Sunday, May 20, 2007

Pup Rules the Spring Tournament

Last year at this time, I wrote about my first ever tournament win playing ultimate. It took over 15 years to taste that victory. I’m very happy to report, it only took 1 year to repeat that sweet taste.

My Ultimate team, Foxy Brown, won the Spring League Tournament this weekend!!!!!

Unlike last year where we had to climb from the bottom of the league, we were ranked 3rd coming into the tournament. I must say, our team was pretty stacked.

We won our first 3 games relatively easy. Going into the semi-finals, we had our first tough game. For the first time that day, we were down during the beginning of the game. We picked up the pace and the other team just couldn’t handle the speed or the defense that we were throwing at them.

After 4 games, I was pretty exhausted, but the championship game was left. There’s no slowing down for that. I did a quick pick me up that consisted of red bull and some shots of vodka and beer and I was fired up and ready to go.

Once again, ‘Cowbells’ was in the finals just like last year. We had defeated the #2 team in the semifinals and now we face the #1 team in the league. These guys were tall, fast, and had no weak links on their roster. We have 5 very good guys on our team and they played most of the game. I was very proud that when they did substitute they called me in to play. I was the 6th man! Very exciting if you knew who the other 5 guys are and that there were others on the team that I thought were better that didn't play at all in this game.

I wish I can play at this level and intensity all the time. I generally know where I should go, but my body doesn’t always listen. This time though, I was running around like a mad man. My throws were good and solid. I was gettin into the open areas. No mistakes would be made from me to let the team down.

It was a very exciting game for the fans. There were a lot of good scores. In the end after a very long point, we scored the final point. The championship was ours!!!

On to Summer League. I’m sure as Karma would have it, I’ll be on a sucky team.


Kate the Peon said...

THAT's what you were talking about. It all makes sense now.

Sorry I didn't write back about it; I was too excited about my own news. :/

Jamie/foundme said...

Same here, I was all, "whatchoo talkin' bout willis?" NOW I gets it!

And I didn't bring my phone to work that night... Wouldn't have had time to see the text if I did!

Kate the Peon said...

Congrats, Puppers!

Pup said...

Thanks! Your news was more exciting though ;)