Sunday, October 28, 2007


After 12 years or so of playing Ultimate, I finally did 1 of the 2 rarest feats in all of Ultimate this last weekend. I'm not sure how it's actually spelled, but it's called a 'Callihand'. I know, me not knowing how to spell something. Big suprise.

A Callihand is when the other team has possession of the disc. Somehow the defender intercepts the disc and lands in the end zone. So basically, intercepting in the end zone for a score. This very rarely happens for a number of reasons. Too many actually for me to go into, but you can probably figure it out yourself.

We were playing a 3x3x1 zone and I was in the cup. It was a great pull that gave the cup time to set up. By the time we got there they still had the disc at the goal line. They swung the disc around a few times. The disc was going back to the center handler. It was a little high, but completely catchable. Just as he was about to grab it, a puff of air blew the disc up. He tipped the disc in the air instead of catching it.

We both jumped for the disc and I came down with the disc in the end zone.


Damn I'm smooth.

PS - The disc at the top is a disc design for the Vancouver ultimate league that I randomly played pick-up with when I was there earlier this year. Yes, I was randomly wander around Vancouver and found an Ultimate game. Geeky I know.

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