Tuesday, October 30, 2007

What if...

The night was dark with only the moonlight to guide their way. The two rushed to stay in the shadows. They know there were not safe. They were being hunted. Every second away from the room meant being exposed in the open. They would be no match for their hunters. Running and hiding was the only way. They must reach the room. The room their only salvation.

The two rushed pass the abandoned building and into an alley. The surrounding buildings blocked the moonlight completely. The alley was so dark the two can no longer see each other. The two continued to walk down the alley, but unable to see, they let their hands be their guide. Feeling one brick at a time, moving as fast and as quietly as they can around the building. They know the others would not be impeded by something as trivial as darkness.

Scratch. In the darkness, her hand felt against a metal door. She breathed a quick sign of relief at the discovery of the door. Scratch. Scratch. He gently pushed open the rusty door to gain entrance. It was all still pitch dark. They were not sure this is the way, but anything is better than staying out there.

A flickering light lit the hallway of the room they entered. She may have cracked half a smile if she wasn’t so exhausted. This is the where they were headed for. This is where the room and their safety would be. He grabbed her hand and they rushed up the stairs. The moonlight shines down on them as they pass the windows. With each passing, their excitement built. They know they’re close. Close to the room.

They got off on the 7th floor and headed straight to room 251. They were finally there. Looking at a door never made anyone so happy. She took off her necklace and revealed a key that’s been around her neck. She fumbles to put the key into the lock. She finally managed to put in the key and with a quick flick of her wrist, nothing happened.

The key did not turn.

There were too many thoughts going through her head. She had to use every ounce of her will to not scream. She could not stop thinking, the key doesn’t work. The key doesn’t work.

It seemed like a life time had pass, but it wasn’t even half a second. Her mind was no longer useful, the shock of the key had taken over. Scratch. Almost instinctively, her hand turned the key the other way. The clicking sound of the door unlocking snapped her back to reality in an instant. The thoughts all instantly fade away as joy took over.

They arrived. In this room they knew they would be safe. They’ve made it.

“You’re safe now. I’m glad to be able to deliver you to the room without harm.”

“Thank you so much. He will be very happy to know what you have done for me. I owe you my..….”

He could not react fast enough as he watched her bloodied body fall slowly to the floor. He looked at her and he was unable to speak. He had failed her and he had failed him. He could only look out at the window where everything so suddenly ended.

A loud thud could be heard as he crashed through the door. There he saw a dozen men, all armed with bows pointing out a window. They didn’t even flinch at his deafening entrance. He had hoped they would notice, hoping they would focus on him. No, these men were professionals. They knew their job and nothing would sway them.

He tried to get to them, to stop them. He knew what they were aiming at. There just wasn’t enough time. Before he could make a move, he could hear the strings spring loose from their master’s grips. The arrows ready to deliver its one message to its target.

He knew. It was over. His dreams with her passed as quickly as the arrows reached their targets. There was nothing now. Nothing for him.

As quickly as the arrows were released, two men came swiftly through the door behind him. They knew too as soon as they entered the room. The assassins had done their job. They were too late and they had failed to protect her.

“I owe you my…”, she tried to finish her sentence but was interrupted as an arrow broke through the window with a loud crash. The first arrow found her heart with indiscriminate accuracy. The arrow was followed by a dozen of its friends as they all hit their targets. She fell slowly to the floor. Before darkness took over, she was able to look out the window. She saw him there. She knew he had tried as hard as he could, as did all his friends. All for her.

Scratch. Her sight was clouding over as the end drew closer. She looked out the window one last time. She saw the sadness in his eyes. She smiled one last time. Hoping that he would see. Hoping that he would see that she knew and appreciated everything.

His hand drew close to his weapon. There were no words to describe his feelings. He had lost the only thing worth protecting.

He muttered lowly, “Kill them. Kill them all.”

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Jamie said...

Dude, I want whatever you were smoking. Cool story!