Friday, October 05, 2007

Who’s with me?!!!!!!

I just had 2 kick ass Halloween ideas from my dream last night.

Kick ass idea 1:
I need to get a small group of people, I’m thinking 8 to 12. This group will dress up like a scene in a horror movie. Perhaps half can be monsters and the other half victims, maybe some chainsaw yielding people, or maybe just all aliens. It’s open really, just need to have a theme.

The group will travel around town and hold a pose/ scene for a certain period of time. I’m thinking like 15 min max.

Ohhhh… that’d be so much fun and freaken awesome!!!

Kick ass idea 2:
You know how there was a thing with flash mobs a while ago? Where through IM/internet people are told to show up at a specific area and form a flash mob?

Same concept. Except it’s a flash ZOMBIE mob.

I don’t know how to get people involved in this flash mob thing, I’m not young and in the hip crowd. Wouldn’t it be totally awesome to have a bunch of zombie all showing up at one place? It’ll be just like the movies/10 years from now.

Flash zombie mob!!!!

OMG. Just thinking about it gets me excited.

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Jamie said...

Sounds like somebody needs to get involved with his local theater, or find a group of actor students!