Monday, December 17, 2007

A Pup-mas Party

This last Saturday, I finally got around to having another party at my place. I haven’t had one since I moved in about 15 months ago. The housewarming was 2 weeks from when I moved in. Then 15 months. For me, that’s quite a while to go without a party.

The party went very well from what I remembered. The food was great thanks to A who did most of the preparing. I did have my secret recipe that I stole from Jamie that got everyone drooling and begging for more. The oh so delicious bacon wrapped smokies in brown sugar. I’m telling you, those things are more addictive than crack. Like bacon wrapped crack. Mmmmm

The Wii was a big hit as expected. It’s games are easy to learn and with 4 controllers, that’s a good time for all.

But the good times weren’t just in the living room. No, the good times was in the dining room too where we were playing drinking roulette. In case you’ve never seen it, it’s a roulette wheel with 6 shot glasses. The numbers are spilt into the 6 shot glasses. If the ball lands in your shot glass number, you have to take the shot.

This is a very dangerous game. I don’t think I’ve ever played this without some major consequences. Luckily, I know which shot glasses to take now so I’m not taking the shots (for some reasons it never hits certain numbers).

The crowd wasn’t that big, about 15-20 people, but they did very well in the alcohol category. Through the night we finished:
1 bottle of Vodka
1 bottle of Jack
1 bottle of Tequila
½ bottle of Jager
½ bottle of Gin
about 16 beers

Not too shabby.

As expected, I don’t remember much about the end of the party. I’m not that responsible when it comes to partying at my house.

I am glad that everyone came out. My suburban friends, of course Tricia who I will never have a party without, and even my neighbors who turned out to be very fun. I know these parties are going to become more and more rare. Hopefully, this will get me through for another 15 months.


Jamie said...

I got you that game, too, didn't I? Hells yeah, I feel like I was there of a sort!

Sounds like funness was had!

Kate the Peon said...

Why are these parties going to become more and more rare?

Pup said...

Jamie - yup, it was just like you were there. No one told me to tell off my clothes later though.

KtP - everyone's preggers. So in about 6 months no one will be available.