Sunday, December 09, 2007

What would you choose?

I think I've posted this before, but in case I haven't.
Answer in the comments!

A spouse that was horribly ugly when people around and gorgeous when you’re alone,
A spouse that was gorgeous when you’re with other people, but horribly ugly when you’re alone?

Your spouse gets into a car accident, would you rather
Their face be scarred and had to be reconstructed to something completely different,
Their body injured to the point where you have to help them move for the rest of their lives?

Your spouse be extremely nice and sweet to you, but nasty to everyone else
You spouse be nice and sweet to everyone else, but generally disagreeable to you?

You spouse be very attractive and openly flirts with everyone that she meets
You spouse be less attractive and is cold to everyone?

Be someone that was unable to sleep
Be someone that was unable to stay awake?

Your spouse never drinks and nags at you for drinking
Your spouse that binges every weekend?


the M girl said...

I wouldn't choose either. I'm really picky, and you named the extremes of both ends. I'd rather be alone than to be in a relationship like that! ! I like my men to be easy-going, laid back and smooth like butter. LOL

Pup said...

M, ok, that doesn't count. Of course we would all rather not be in any of those scenarios.

For whatever reason, you have to choose. Choooooose..

Michael said...

I choose the first of each scenario. If I had to chooooooose...

Tricia said...

I choose to get drunk and pass out. Who cares who else is there.

Chey and I got elfed because of you.