Monday, June 16, 2008

Our issue this Sunday.

These were the 4 words that excited me every Sunday. These four words meant that it was the beginning of Meet the Press.

For the last few years, I’ve had a very set Sunday routine. There was very little that would take me away from this routine. This was something I did, and one of the few things that I truly looked forward to every week.

On Sunday mornings, I would get up and clean around the house. Once 10am came around, I would watch Meet the Press and read the Sunday paper and cut some coupons. Afterwards, I would either go grab lunch or go to the grocery store. This might not seem that big of a deal, but this was my Sunday routine and I simply loved my Sunday routine.

I have often said that everyone in the US should have to watch Meet the Press. Unlike all the loud mouth talk radio and cable news ass clowns, Tim Russert brought the values of what a true journalist should be like. He had by far the best political show on television. I built my Sunday around Meet the Press.

Tim asked tough questions, but never in a combative way. He gave his guests a chance to explain their position and their thoughts so that they can let the public know beyond just the sound bits that other news channels seems to be obsessed with. Tim asked the questions that an everyday person would want to ask. He was not interested in making friends with the politicians, he was interesting in making the politicians accountable.

Tim asked important questions, questions of substance, not frivolous questions of the week that other news channels would ask. Along those lines, Tim made the show about the guest and the issues. He was interested in getting as much information as could from politicans. Holding them accountable for what they've said and done. He did not make his show as a way of self promotion as so many talk show hosts seems to do.

I watched Meet the Press because of Tim Russert. Tim Russert was Meet the Press as I know it.

I received a text from a friend on Friday. It seemed so surreal to me. I didn’t want to believe what I read. I was hoping it would be some other Tim Russert. I ran to a television as quickly as I can where I saw the news. It was still unbelievable to me. I could not believe what I was seeing.

I know I’ve never met him. Besides inviting him into my home every Sunday for an hour, I have no real links to Tim, but he was someone that I knew I could trust. Someone that I thought was on my side and would ask the questions to the politicians that I would ask. I could just be over blowing this, but I know how I felt when I saw the news and how I feel as I type this. The feeling is numbing. I’m still in disbelief.

I’m going to miss watching Meet the Press with Tim Russert. More than I can say here. We lost a really good one. If you’ve never watched Meet the Press with Tim Russert, I’m sorry for you. You’ve never watched how it should be done. Tim Russert was the standard.

I'm going to miss my Sunday. Sundays will never be the same.

Go Bills.

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