Thursday, June 19, 2008

Red Snapper…. Very Deliciousssss..

During college, a friend of mine and I used to drive down to Biloxi, Mississippi and New Orleans once every couple of months. It’s not that far and perfect for a weekend trip. We had a whole routine to go with these trips. It was my days where I really like gambling. It was fun and exciting. It’s a bit different now, but I still enjoy the trips.

Since I’m about to leave for a while, we decided to make one more trip for old time sakes as we haven’t done this in about 4 years. It was fun going on a road trip. In recent years, I’ve mostly only flown around the country. Haven’t really driven anywhere far. This trip brought back some good memories.

One of our traditions is to get corn nuts when we stopped for gas. I almost never get corn nuts otherwise, but they sure are good. I remember back in elementary school, all the cool kids had bags of corn nuts. Being all broke, I always had to bum some off my friends. Eventually, Brook would just bring me an extra bag. I’d save it and eat it all week so it’d seem like I always have corn nuts. Oh, I miss Brook. Ok, that’s neither here nor there. Moving on.

The one thing we most look forward to on this drives is when we would get to Mobile, Alabama. For there awaits Dreamland BBQ. This is one of my favorite joints in the country. They’ve opened Dreamland here in Atlanta, but it’s just not the same. The ones here are just too clean and doesn’t have that shack feel to it like the one in Mobile has. We generally time our trip so we get there around dinner time. Dreamland never disappoints and it didn’t disappoint this time.

This is the best slap of meat you'll ever have. It's ok to drool. It doesn't mind if you make sweet love to it or call it a dirty dirty slab o' meat.

We were thinking back to the old days while we were at Dreamland. We used to order 1 and ½ racks of ribs for the 2 of us to share. Once we ordered a rack each and finished it all. This time we ordered ½ rack and didn’t come close to finishing. We were hungry too. Being old sure sucks or maybe that's a good thing.

From Dreamland it was about an hour to our destination. I think the gambling story is almost always the same. You go down a lot when you first get there, then you slowly try to work yourself back. All the while convincing yourself you’ve drank enough to make up for your losses. Ha. Ever had a $200 Jack and Coke? Yea, I have.

The only game that I really play anymore is Craps. It’s a good game. The action is fast, and there’s a lot of random yelling and you get to throw things. The random yelling really does it for me. Basically, when the dice is thrown, any number of things will be heard yelled around the table. The better the table is doing, the more yelling there will be. The later in the night, the more random the things that are yelled.

There has been a variety of things that's been yelled in previous trips. Everything from former Ameican Idols to Smurfs. For this trip, we decided on varieties of fishes. For example, if we wanted to roll a 4, we would yell out Swordfish. Come on Swordfish or What’s on the menu tonight? Swordfish!

It was quite comical for us, but I’m pretty sure other people thought we were a bit off. Of course no one really cares as long as you’re rolling numbers. I’m pretty sure if you rolled a good number, you can yell ‘I’m going to stab your mama in the eye’ and people wouldn’t care.

We had Swordfish, Large Mouth Bass, Tuna (yellow fin or fatty ok), Chilean Sea Bass, Trout, and Halibut. Pretty early into the game, we were getting too drunk to remember the fishes and the numbers. We decided on Red Snapper as the catch all for the point number. Red Snapper… very delicious!! Was our cry.

For those of you that knows where that’s from… You’re probably old.

I could tell you about the really drunk mom and her 2 daughters that came and saved the table while being amazing fun, or how my friend made this dude $7000 dollars in 6 rolls, but you have to be there for those.

Good times was had by all.


Big Pinz said...

You fail.

The line is: "Red snapper... very tasty."

Autumn said...

Hi John! Been reading your blog for a while now, and you couldn't be more correct about Dreamland! We miss it and talk about it all the time! Also enjoyed your comments about Tim Russert...all so true and very well said! We hear you are moving, too... take care!