Sunday, June 29, 2008

Public Announcment

Adults and especially parents. Take note. Please DO NOT take an inappropriately young child to a movie they shouldn't be seeing.

If you want to take a child to the movie, take them to see 'Wall-E'. DO NOT take them to see 'Wanted' where people keeps getting shot in the head. Also, if your child is screaming because they are scared of all the heads being blown off, do not just sit there. Take your child away. Don't just sit there and tell them to shut up.

It is NOT ok for the children to be watching these movies. That's why they're R. Even if you don't care for the MPAA, you should at least have some damn common sense. What kind of movie did you think 'Wanted' would be like that would be appropriate for children? I remember when I went to see 'The history of violence' and there were several kids in the theater. I really wanted to ask those parents. What the hell do you think this movie is about and what do you think your children can get out of this?

Parents should be fined for crap like that.

If you can't afford or find a babysitter, don't go out. You made a choice when you had that child. You don't get to go out and see adult movies wherenever you want to. That's the price of your decision. Be a damn grown up and take responsibility for your actions.


MilpitasGirl said...

Where is security when you need them?

Pup said...

Yea, I remember when I tried to see a R movie back in the day, and they would always have a person at the door checking to see if you're old enough.

Guess there's no budget for that anymore.

Big Pinz said...

About a month ago, we went to see a late showing of Forgetting Sarah Marshall - I think about 10:30 or 11 on a Saturday night. It was the first time we'd gone to the theater in maybe a year and a perfect reminder of why.

There was a young couple with THREE children... the oldest maybe 5 or 6, another around 3 or 4 and one that couldn't have been older than 9 months. And this was a flick with full frontal (unfortunately male) nudity and more cursing than the newsroom on a busy afternoon.

I always shiver when I say this, but... Pup is right.

Pup said...

OMG.. OMG!!!!! You heard it here first!!

big pinz said... "I always shiver when I say this, but... Pup is right."

That's right. Pup is right!!!