Monday, July 07, 2008


I think that's the best word to describe the Wimbledon finals match I watched this Sunday between Federer and Nadal. It was an amazing match with every point being so impressively played.

I've always watched tennis. I was on our high school tennis team and have always liked watching the game. I can't remember the last time I didn't watch the Wimbledon finals. This one this past weekend was different though. It was just another finals like so many years before.

There was so much back story to the match. There is such great competition between Federer and Nadal. There was so much building up to it. I would say 3 years in the making. And unlike so many sporting events that gets so much hype, this time, it was worth every bit the hype.

There are such stark contrast between the 2 players. There are obvious things like age, right vs. left handed, one wears a vest, the other wears pirate shorts. One plays with an elitist surgical precision in style. The other plays with a raging beast roaring through each point. Never have I seen a match with this high caliber of skill and intensity. These were Titans playing the game this last sunday. The match was everything a fan could wish for. It went to 5 sets, with a final set score of 9 -7.

This will surely be one for the history books. I'm just glad I was able to witness it.

Bravo to both players.

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