Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Zombie Vacation

Theatrical Release: July 2, 2008 Wide
Box Office: $0

Synopsis: Who would ever think that zombies need a vacation? Well as it turns out in the latest film release from Drunken Pup Studios, zombies like all of us enjoy some R&R. In this film we watch unsuspecting vacationers become infected. But after the zombies takes over their human hosts, the real party begins!!! The drunk zombies dancing the dance of terror at beach resorts. These zombies enjoy beers, stumble on their own feet, soak in the sun, bump into one another, take body shots, and of course, eat some flesh. Just like any regular vacation.
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Early reviews of Zombie Vacation

ZV is a fun ride that’ll make you laugh and leave you rethinking about your summer vacation – Random movie dude

Watch this movie bitches! – Pup

Good easy plot to follow even though I’m stone out of my mind. Thanks for thinking about the audience - Jeff

A notch above any movie made for less than $20 – Thrifty movie dude

Well paced, fun, and desperately cheesy, it’s like a vacation for your mind – Amanda Hugnkiss

What’s brilliant about this movie is that it doesn’t mess with any philosophical trapping, sociological subtext, but instead could be used as an afternoon special to warn kids about what happens when you drink too much for days at a time – Mr. Frog’s reviews

Zombies and vacation? What could anyone else ask for? – Low expectation dude

This movie was pretty good. Ok, now where’s my 40 oz for saying that? – Ray Ray

This movie has a definite place in my heart due to the witty script and dialogue of the actors. They make it sound like everything was improvised and thought out at a bar – Burma Times

Seriously, watch this movie or I’ll stab you - Pup

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