Friday, November 14, 2008

Dear Big 3 Automakers,

Go Fuck yourself.

In the last few days, the big 3 automakers have been crying for help in the face of possible bankruptcy. This Pandora’s box of corporate welfare that this government has began with the helping of private financial companies who have made horrible disgusting decisions in the past years has every corporation thinking that the government will bail them out. The idea of the government helping out private corporations goes against the very foundation of what one would call capitalism in which the smart and the strong survive. The stupid and weak, deservingly, perish.

I would like to first remind you that Bush been in charge the last eight years. This economic problem didn’t just pop up. Bush probably had something to do with this ‘worst economic fiasco since the great depression’ don’t you think? So many of you wanted an average guy that you can related to in the most powerful position in the world. Well, you have it. This is what happened. Let’s move on as that’s a moot point.

So many of you so easily threw out the word Socialism, or even Marxist during this last campaign. So you’re afraid of socialism huh? Do you remember voting for a guy name Bush for president in the last two elections prior to this one? Who do you think is in charge of all this corporate welfare right now? Bailing out corporations? What do you think this bailout is?

I’ve heard so many of you scream and yell about how you hate giving welfare to people. Do you think this is better? Welfare for corporations that obviously made dangerous decisions based solely on greedy. Now we’re suppose to help them out? Is that now ok? Helping big organizations instead of people? When the corporations were making record profits, were you getting a share of those profits? You feel any of that profit trickle down to ya? Can you connect the dots on why the wealth gap is at the biggest levels ever in history?

Back to my original point. For decades, the automakers have refused to evolve in their thinking and their car design. Even when they were facing stiff competition from more efficient, more reliable Japanese and German automakers, they held steady in their thinking. Instead of changing with the times to more efficient, more reliable, and more economical cars, they give us bigger and more wasteful SUVs. The only ideas they have is to make things bigger. That’s it. Bigger. And that’s what the fed the American public.

Along with their oil company buddies (ExxonMobile had the most profitable quarter EVER in US history in Q3 of this year. They made $11.68 Billion. That’s $1,485.55 per second. This is while the country and families everywhere was hurting from such high gas prices.), the automakers killed any projects that would make for more efficient cars. They killed any idea of having cars that used any other type of alternative energy other than oil. Ideas for hybrids or electrical cars were non existent.

In the last few years, while the only concept the automakers introduced the public to were bigger and more gas guzzling SUVs, the Japanese were bringing us efficient and economical cars and hybrid varieties. It’s obviously what type of cars people prefers today.

So now with sales down dramatically in the last few years, you’re asking the government for help as you’re near bankruptcy? It was your own stupidity in making large SUVs and refusing to make more sustainable cars that got you here. It was your refusal to look into the future. It was the bed that you shared with the oil companies that got you where you are today.

You drove off the cliff with your idiotic decisions. Now live with your own incompetence. It is completely your fault and yours alone. I see no reason why the government and the taxpayers should help you in any way.

Oh sure, you’re going to promise more economical cars, more green technology if the government gives you money. Blah fucking blah. You’ve had decades to work on this technology and not only did you not work on it, you actively prevented this technology to be developed. There is no reason why anyone should believe that you will hold true to your words now.

If the government does decide to keep these companies alive. They better damn well clean house before they do. It’s obviously so many people in Detroit are refusing to change their thinking, and it’s time they go or we’re just going to be back to where we are in a little while.


chops said...

remember that comment i made a while back about unions? yeah, well they are part of teh problem on this one. see, the UAW has just about killed the big 3. however, i do agree w/ u on them not getting bailed out, plus, they keep making the same mistakes, plus they release a design that is great, but its too little too late.. so, to conclude, big three screwed by UAW and by themseleves, dont give them a bailout. not just SUVs that have killed them...i could go on, maybe a chat on skype

Pup said...

Oh, I totally agree about the UAW. They really have killed the big 3. They can't compete in prices when at least $2K of each car has to be paid to the union.

Daniel said...

Oppressive union costs (mostly healthcare) are real, but don't forget the other completely unmanageable contracts the Big Three have - dealerships. GM alone has nearly four times the dealerships as Toyota in the US but the same market share. Throwing money at this state of affairs will never produce effiency.