Tuesday, November 11, 2008

On Prop 8.

I had a post that I wanted to write on this. I will post it eventually. I have posted on this subject several times now. So for now, here's a much better worded version of what I want to say.

I don't understand people and their reason behind voting against love. I don't mean that literally of course. I've heard all of your arguments. Nothing you have said makes you seem any less of a bigot.

This thing we call love. This thing that so many of your God(s) claim to be (The whole God is Love thing). This is the fundamental concept you're attacking. You're attacking the ideal of love between 2 people. That one thing in this world that's so precious that it's worth living and dying for. Somehow you attack the concept of love and you think you're doing right?

What does it matter to you anyway? How does this affect you in anyway? No one is taking anything from you. No one is taking away your right or choice to love another. No one is making you love someone you don't want to. All you're being asked is to be tolerant enough that you share this love that you're allowed to have, and by all accounts should be an unalienable right to all people, with a population of people in our society that has somehow been left out.

Is that too much to ask for? Do you not think every person in this world deserves a chance at love? To love and be loved?

You think your God tells you to do this? To oppose love between 2 people? When you say God is love, is there a little asterisk next to it that isn't mentioned? If that is the case, if you God is against love, then perhaps you should contemplate if you're worshipping the right Lord.

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Jamie said...

Sometimes Olberman just says it so well.