Monday, November 24, 2008

Work Work Work

I'm a bit tired of always having to work at nights. This is not to get ahead of the game. This is just to keep a float. My billable hours are around 60 hours/week. That's just the billable hours. This is not including all the extra crap I do that I don't bill for.

When I was in the states, this is what I was doing. This is what burnt me out. This is one of the reason I wanted to leave the US for a while. Now, different hemisphere, same shit.

I keep thinking there will be a break soon with the holidays coming up. Most of my customers here have manatory shut downs (i.e., you can't come to work) which is really nice. I have a visit from a friend and a good trip planned to do some relaxing.

All this and I don't even get turkey this year. Boo.


Big Pinz said...

Make a turkey. Solves that problem.

the M girl said...

i hear ya. i'm clocking in at 60-66 hr/wk, with no end in sight. My chains are a clanking. I feel like Paul Newman in Cool Hand Luke.