Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Guardian

This wasn’t where he wanted to be. He knew for certain he checked everything twice before leaving for a few minutes. This task wasn’t new to him. He’s been doing this for centuries and he wasn’t the kind of person that takes short cuts or make mistakes. He takes his responsibility quite seriously. Regardless of intentions or how careful he’s been in the past, the fact is, they were gone now. Both of them.

He was trusted with one task. Look over and protect the two children until the time comes. It seems like a simple task. He did not know the importance of his task when he first accepted it. No one told him before he accepted the task, to this day, he still doesn’t know, but he didn’t really care. He knew his duty was to protect the children and that’s what he was going to do.

He was a protector and a guardian, the best in the kingdom. There were none that could meet his skills in a fight, but that wasn’t why he was chosen for the task. The elders choose him for his will is strong and unwavering. He lives only to serve and complete his task. This is especially important in this task as a weaker man would be drawn to the temptations, and temptations would lead to disaster.

The children were gone. There’s no denying that. He grabs his weapon and rushed out the door. He picks up their scent instantly and begins rushing north into the forest. With him, the forest was a perfect guardian for the children, unyielding and never resting. The forest emits an unnatural sense of fear to anyone it senses as an enemy. This fear would be paralyzing and uncontrollable to all who falls within its grasp. Nothing, not natural or supernatural would dare enter the forest.

The problem now is that they’re not with him. The children have entered the forest by themselves and he doesn’t know what the forest will do, or how it’s going to affect the children. All he knew now was that he had to find them. He has not failed them in these centuries, he will not fail now.

He rushes through the forest. He knew every tree and every step. It almost seems as if the trees were pointing him towards the children as he ran faster and faster to find them.

Throughout the years, he’s seen everything come after them. There were creatures of good and evil, angels disguised as demons, devils disguised as honest men with the smoothest tongue, and creatures of every size and shape. They all wanted the children for these two were the key to the war. Having the children means winning the war once and for all for one side.

Countless creatures were sent to get the children, but they were never much of a problem for him. These creatures, natural and supernatural, were from the highest levels of heaven and the deepest pits of hell. They were creatures that imagination could barely grasp. Yet, one after another, they were all crushed. He would not fail at his task, and he would not fail them.

As he ran, he knew he was drawing close to the edge of the forest. If the children have been taken outside the forest, they would be gone forever. They children would not be protected outside the forest. Anything and anyone could take the children. The war would be over, and with it, everything would be over.

He wasn’t told any specifics when he accepted the job. He was definitely not told who the children were. He was told to protect and guard these children, and under no circumstances, can the two children be allowed to be taken from him either by force or persuasion. There were countless attempts during these centuries, each more complicated and elaborate than the last.

He reached the edge of the forest. The scent of the children pointed them further north, but as he looked up from trying to catch his breath, he saw the two children. They were standing in the middle of the large open field. He was so relieved for a second, but it was only for a second.

He looked up and he saw them all. This was not a figurative all, this was a literal all. Every creature from Heaven had gathered on the west side of the field and every creature big and small from Hell has gathered on the east. Both sides were rushing towards the children. The two forces were within seconds of reaching the children.

Even with all the commotion on the field, a scream like no other roared above the noise. This roar shook the very ground they were all on, and everything took notice. By the time the roar had died down, he was by the children with his weapon drawn. He knew he would not survive against these numbers, but he didn’t care. He was a protector and he would guard these children with his last breath.

The creatures from each side quickly recovered and continued their rush towards the children. This would be it. He has done all for the children, but even he doesn’t think he’ll be able to survive this. This would be the final battle between good and evil and they were trapped in the middle.

He mustered all his strength preparing himself for his final battle. As he readied himself, he saw the two children walk on either side of him. Just as he was about to scream for them to get behind him, the children held out their hand towards the attackers and turned their heads towards him.

‘Thank you for protecting us all these years’, the children said in unison. ‘Our mother knew you would be the only one that can do this. Above everything else, you protected us without regard. You did not ask what or who we were. You did not question the ones that came after us. You did not allow your curiosity to hinder your task. All you knew was to keep us safe, and for that we thank you.’

The creatures were now upon them. Beasts with fire from their breath, swords with blinding light, and claws and weapons of every form were about to crash upon him and the children. The children raised their hands in unison. As if time had suddenly froze, every creature stopped instantly in their tracks. All of a sudden, it all became quite.

‘I think you deserve to know before we leave’, the child with the dark hair said. We are the children of Chaos and Order. I embody the essence and purity of evil, anything and everything. Without me, there would no longer be evil in the universe. My brother embodies good, and the same goes for him. Without him, there would be no force of good in the world. After today, we will forget that we are brothers. We will forget all the good times we had growing up together. We will forget our love for each other and we will do everything in our power to destroy each other. We will forget, like all these creatures here, that there is something beyond good and evil.

Every one hundred eons, someone new takes over heaven and hell, but there is a period before we mature and can take over the throne. During this time, we are mortal and we can be killed. If one of us were to be taken by the other side, it would be a victory for one of the sides. Of course, being so focused on the goal, they don’t realize that without one, the other cannot exist. To destroy one side would mean the destruction of the universe.

By ensuring our safety, you have ensured that the universe will exist for eons come. The tides between good and evil will lean one way or another between my brother and I through the years, but it will never tip.

As he listened to the children he was speechless. He could not believe the words that were coming out of their mouths. The concept was too grand to handle as he stood there. He remembers the children as so young and helpless. He remembers their innocence as they grew up and played around him. It was difficult to conceive who they are and what they embody.

The two children gave each other a long loving hug. This would be the last time they would get to see each other for one hundred eons. They would not remember who each other was until their time was up. The children walk their separate ways into the sea of creatures and moments later, could no longer been seen by him. Slowly, the creatures went on their separate ways.

Within moments, all was quite. All was left was him.

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