Tuesday, July 28, 2009

How about checking your sources?

Just 3 quick points on the health care debate before my much longer and ranter post coming soon on this topic.

1. Listening to all the anti-health reform people in congress, they keep referring to a group called the Lewin Group as their source of reference. They keep repeating this study that the Lewin Group has conducted on how hundreds of thousands of Americans will lose their private health insurance if the country were to have universal health care.

Sounds scary huh.

One thing you might want to check is this Lewin Group. They just happened to be a part of Universal Health Care. One of the largest insurance groups in the US.

This is the same health group that has agreed to pay $400 million dollars for skewing data in order to pass on medical expenses to consumers. Don't they sound like they would have your best interest in mind?

I'm sure the study that all these anti-health care reform people cites was completely unbiased.

2. Congress has arguably one of the best health care plans in the country. Guess what? It's run by the government. So you have all these people in congress saying how they don't want the government to run your health care, but it's fine for the government to run their health care? Does that make sense?

3. The health care industry has been spending about $1.5 million dollars per DAY on fighting health care reform. They're not out there with another plan. They're out there only to stop any type of reform. $1.5 million dollars a DAY. Does that not raise any red flags that they would be spending SO much money on this?

Think before you just give into fear.


Anonymous said...

it sure has worked for Canada hasn't it? Let's fix medicare and medicaid before we try something new. And then when we do try this, let's try it in one state first. How about New York? yeah, New York, they seem to love everything being spewed forth by Obama.

Pup said...

How many Canadians have you been talking to? Cause most of the people that I've met (many who are Canadians) seems to be pretty happy in general with their health service. Why is it you think having millions of people not covered by insurance is ok? Why is it that you think having individuals and businesses bankrupt because of insane health care cost is ok?

Why are you so in love with big corporations making so much money off health care? Please tell me you at least work for one so you're getting some of the benefits from your incoherent argument.

Please be slightly more intelligent in your argument and provide more substance than 'it sure has worked for Canada hasn't it?'

That and 'Anonymous'? Real brave.

chops said...

that was me, not anonymous. I forgot to click the thingy.

I just think we need to fix what is broken before we try to create a new problem. So far this administration is a joke... I mean come on...beer summits?!? I'll be the first to say that I love beer, but the president is commenting on things that he has no business commenting on and making us a world wide spectacle

John said...

I believe it's the media that's calling it a beer summit. Obama has said it's not a summit and told the media not to put so much coverage on it. The media is ridiculous sometimes.

I do agree that the president doesn't need to get involved in things like this.

Health care is a big problem. The doctors and patients are getting royally screwed while big health manangement companies (which has money has their priority and not people's health) are making all the money. That has to stop.

If we don't fix this, the country will have a hard time recovering from the recession and from ever moving forward.

Instead of just saying no and catering to the health companies, how about some good ideas instead? No doing anything is no longer an option.