Sunday, July 19, 2009

What the Fuck is wrong with you people?

All you people need to look at yourselves before you opening your damn mouths and saying things that you obviously have no fucking clue about. All you hypocrites are just fucking disgusting to listen to.

You get all up and furious that 2 adults that love each other and wants to be married just because they happened to be of the same sex. You cite all your ridiculous moral high ground reasons. You made something personal such as marriage into a public affair when it really is none of your damn business.

Oh but then when someone on your side cheats on their spouse, the topic of marriage magically becomes a personal matter. It becomes a matter no one is allowed to talk about even though the person admitting guilt is a member of Congress, admitted it on TV, AND fucking speak out on some sanctity of marriage shit. All of a sudden this becomes a personal and family matter?

No. Fuck you. You're the one who have brought marriage into the public arena. You are the one that should suffer in public for being a cheating SOB adulter. You did this to yourself. You can't choose who you're going to love, but you choose when you cheat. This is ALL your fault. You did this. You chose to cheat on your wife.

What the fuck is wrong with you people? How can you even look at yourself in the mirror? How rotten and disgusting of a person are you to speak out against people who actually love each other while cheating on your wife? Somehow in all this trying to make yourself out to be some great moral person? Who the fuck is you to be telling someone that they can't be married when you're cheating on your damn wife? Way to really support that hetero only marriage concept.

And where the fuck are all you fucking sanctity of marriage people when this kind of shit happens? All I hear is others of you supporting this asshat and saying that it's between him and his wife and you hope they work it out. What the fuck?! Why do you not have the same anger when someone cheats on their partner/spouse? Does your definition of the sanctity of marriage have some kind of 'it's not that bad to cheat' clause in there somewhere? Is cheating ok by you people as long as it's all hetero?

You people are disgusting. Don't EVER EVER talk about or tell anyone what love between two adults should be like cause you don't have a fucking clue.

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