Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Beat down by the hands of fate once again

Things have been simply awful the last month. Things going from bad to worst. Then, out of the blue, I’m finally given some relief. I win my first ever ultimate tournament. I had a good weekend going to a Bourbon distillery and a drive in (first time ever).

Thing were picking up for the Pup. Of course, not being able to stand that, fate comes in with a royal beat down. It's one thing to pick on me, but you've gone too far.

Sitting still in the middle of the turn lane, someone pulled out and without looking, smacked into me and Lucy. My hand isn’t well, but I’m fine. Lucy took the blunt of the impact. She’s not doing well at all.

All this and I couldn’t even call the one person I wanted to talk to.

I don’t know what I’ve done to continuously get beat down like this.

I think it’s about time to lift the Jack ban at the house. Jack, Welcome home.

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