Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Mr. Pup Goes to Washington

So I’m here in Washington DC. Here’s my story.

I was at the airport 2 hours early as usual. I generally like being at the airport early so I can catch up on my magazine reading. For this particular trip, I had to fly a low-cost airline based out of Atlanta. I had sweared I would never fly this airline for work, but as that they were $200 cheaper than anyone else, I had to book with them.

Generally, 2 hours would put you at the gate with about an hour of wait time, but no, not with this airline. Due to a million people flying this airline at all times, also with the added people checking in bags due to the stupid ass no liquid law, there was quite a bit of wait to check in my bag.

I waited an hour and 20 minutes to check in my bags. All because of my toothpaste, mousse, cologne, and Jack, cause you know, that Jack is dangerous. All those extremist that drinks Jack or all the different types of explosives you can make with Jack. So after 80 minutes in line, by the time I got to the counter, they informed me that it was too late to check in bags. The next flight was 8 hours later.

“What the fuck?” were my exact words. The employee informed me that I should’ve been there 2 hours early. “I was here 2 hours early jackass. It was the hour and 40 min wait in line that’s making me late”.

I know it’s not his fault, but still.

I stormed off from the counter, ran to security, and decided to take my chance with my liquid items.

To my surprise, they caught me with my liquids. Seeing those guys working the screening, I didn’t think they could find a disease in a whore house. I had to get rid of the toothpaste, mousse, face wash, and cologne. By the end of this search, I had 20 min. before the flight took off. Being that the next flight isn’t for another 8 hours, and this is a business trip, I had to leave my stuff.

Of course, my terminal was at the very end of the concourse. If you’ve ever been in Hartsfield, you know that’s fucking far. Much further than I’m in shape for to run with a luggage and a heavy ass computer bag.

I got there as they were about to close the plane. To add on to the frustration, someone was in my seat. It just keeps getting better.

Oh, I can’t wait till to see what DC brings me.

To be continued….

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