Thursday, September 28, 2006

Mr. Pup Goes to Washington, Part 2

It was a painful first day as we had an all day meeting about the meeting the next 2 days. If there’s one thing I hate, it’s meeting to meet about other meetings. Seriously, that’s the biggest waste of time ever. Don’t wait till I get there to talk about what we’re going to meet on. Get it together way before I’m there people.

The day of the meeting came and it was as painful as the first. Even worst is that these are all executives. It can be easily seen that the bureaucratic disease has infected them all. The group discussed and harped on topics that they’re interested in, even if it’s not remotely relevant to the topic at hand. Everyone was afraid to make a decision and wanted to play nice (i.e., be political). When a decision was made, everyone had to say something about their support for it. Even if it's just saying exactly what the person before had said.

Here’s a hint for those of you looking to be executives. Being executives means making decisions, so when I’m in a meeting with you asking for decisions, make decisions. Don’t try to be political and make it sound all good with me. Just tell me the decision. I’ll tell you if it’s a stupid idea or a good idea. Unlike most people, in my book, the higher position you are, the more you have to work for me to give you credit and respect. I don't get star/executive struck.

I’ll stop harping on this as it’s boring.

After the 2nd day of meetings, I decided to go out for a stroll around the city. I was right in the middle of everything. The capital building was only 5 blocks from where I was so I started there.

Outside the building, there was a small group of protestors with signs to “Jail Bush” for war crimes. Being that I haven’t been in a protest in a while, I joined the group for a bit. Fun as it was philosophically, it was quite boring. Especially since there’s no one in congress right now, it wasn’t the most effective way to protest the president.

I move on and walked towards the mall. The actually space isn’t as nice as I imagined, but there was a lot going on. I think it was kick ball league night so there were about 4 games going on there. The mall is surrounded by gorgeous buildings filled with smart people stuff. I would've like to go in some of them, but as the sun is going down, I need to keep moving towards the Washington monument.

While the monument looked close when I was walking on the mall, it was in fact not so much. Luckily, I had my mp3 player so it was fun to see everything with a soundtrack. If the right song is on (Sexyback), watching people jogging can be hilarious. Life and everything you do, is much better with a soundtrack.

For some reason, when I got to the monument, it wasn’t as large as I thought it’d be either.

Seeing as there’s not much to do there, I took a right turn and headed for the White House. Maybe Bush'll be around for a chat and a beer.

To be continued…

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