Wednesday, September 20, 2006

You Sir, Are Not Fit

I’ve been trying to think for days now on how to best write about this abomination that is in the White House. It’s so shocking and amazingly insane that it is difficult to put into words the rage that I feel.

This stance on torture that this administration is so adamant about enforcing is simply unacceptable. What is even more unacceptable is that the American people do not realize how this strikes at the very fabric of America more than ANY terrorist can ever hope to do.

Everything this country stands for. Every life that has been lost fighting terrorism. This is all based on the essence of this country. A country that is built on the freedoms to think, to defend against acts of cruelty, and most importantly, a country that is ruled by hope, not fear.

What you have done Mr. President, is pervert everything that this country stands for. You have isolated America from the rest of the world, made American fear everything around them, and began the push to deteriorate the freedoms that so many have fought and died for.

The founding fathers and all Americans, past and present, would and should be completely disgusted and outraged that a president would even slightly hint that it is tolerable to use torture as a way to combat anything.

Torture is never an acceptable form of behavior for anyone. One of the key points that this administration pointed out in going into Iraq was that Saddam used torture and torture chambers on its own people. Mr. President, are you now arguing that what Saddam was doing is acceptable? I believe he too was trying to get ‘information’ from these people that did not subscribe to his views and meant him harm.

How are you and Saddam different? Perhaps is it more acceptable, Mr. President, that it’s not our own people that we’re torturing. Is that your belief? Doesn’t your belief also include being a good Christian? How do you think your discussion will go when you try to convince Jesus that torture can be tolerated sometimes.

Mr. President, you have done nothing in your 6 years in office to build or strengthen this country. You have done nothing but push the agendas of the evangelical and the rich. What’s even worst, when we lost 3000 people on Sept. 11th, you wasted the one major opportunity in the 21st century to unite the world. You have not only squandered that opportunity to build something good around the world, but in turn you used it as a staging point to spread your hatred and poison around the world.

How dare you exploit Sept. 11th to use it to create even more hatred and deaths around the world. You disgrace the memory of all that have died or been harmed by this event.

Now it is not only Americans that are paying the price, but millions others all around the world will suffer because of our mistake in putting you in power. Those that are harm directly through the many battles throughout the middle east, and those that gets ignored (Africa, domestic problems), all suffer because you do not understand the concept of being a leader or even a moral person.

Somehow, you have gotten the idea that we must become and use tactics of the the terrorists and extremist such as torture to defeat them. You are wrong sir. Very wrong. It is unacceptable to even hint that the actions of the terrorist and extremist will be tolerated. By defending and pushing for torture, that is exactly what you are doing.

You say we are nothing like the terrorists and extremist, we should act different then.

You cannot defeat this problem only through force or becoming like them. That is the way and the thinking of a naive leader who was put in power not by his own merits, but through a political machine that has deceived the American public for too long.

George W. Bush, you’re not fit to be the President of the United States. You’re hardly fit to be an American.

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