Sunday, October 08, 2006

On Strategy

Once again, the administration and their cronies have begun another attack on the Democrats with more ferocity and careful planning than they’ve shown to the terrorist. In fund-raisers and speeches this week, the president and the vice-president are back on their soapbox to tell their supporters that the Democrats are weak on defense and would allow the terrorists to attack again.

On the anniversary of 9/11 this year, this president told the public in his speech that: ”We must put aside our differences and work together to meet the test that history has given us”. It’s taken him less than a month to go back on this idea of putting aside our differences and once again attack the Democrates and anyone that would disagree with him of nothing short of treason.

I don’t know where you learn the definition of working together, but Mr. President, working together does not mean blaming and calling others soft and just waiting around for the terrorists to attack again.

So unconnected to reality, and under so many layers of their own lies, this administration is unfit and can no longer function as the leadership of America. This president and administration no longer has the interest of the American people in mind. For whatever reason, they believe and are leading this country into a militarized zone, which in turn burns holes at the very fabric of the constitution. This administration no longer has the respect of running the government as elected leaders, but more like the Legion of Doom.

Militarizing this country is not the solution to anything. Nothing good happens with militarization. This is a nothing more than the knee jerk reaction of a war mongering administration and those people who seeks to attack the American way of life. Why cannot you not see Mr. President, that this is exactly what the terrorists wants and that you're not fighting them with these types of actions. You are doing nothing short of helping them and introducing their way of life into this country.

In case you have forgotten Mr. President, this country was founded on freedom and tolerance, not the military. Military actions has always been the last resort, not the first option.

How long can the American people allow this administration to use these tactics to divide this country? How long will the American people stand this paranoid and disillusioned administration that has caused more harm to the basic fabric of the American spirit than the terrorist could ever hope to achieve in their wildest dreams?

The American people should not and cannot continue to believe in the doom and gloom speeches that has put the public in so much fear that we've allowed the actions of this administration to go unchecked for the last 6 years. It is not the way of the American people to live in fear and we cannot tolerate a government that seeks to keep us in control by using fear as its tool.

If by using fear as a tool to control the population, we should really question the type of 'democracy' that this administration is looking to spread in the middle east.

The strategy that the current administration is following to fight terrorism is self-destructive. It causes more harm to America than it does to the terrorists.

Think of terrorism as cancer. Once can continuously attack the body with chemotherapy and radiation to ensure that there is no cancer in the body. However, you are harming the body ever bit as much as you are the cancer. When the body becomes weak, it becomes even more susceptible to attacks from other sources.

In their self-absorbed, unchecked by reason, unwillingness to listen, strategy against the terrorist, this administration is willing to sell out the very meaning of this country in order to achieve a goal that even they themselves can’t fully comprehend anymore.

It is time that we say no more and take back this country to why it was founded.

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