Monday, October 23, 2006

It’s That Time Again

Vegas. That magical word that instantly gets the attention of everyone on that email list. That magical word that instantly revives memories that you thought had died with your brain cells during your last trip. The memories that you thought you had buried with that dead hooker out in the middle of the desert.


I used to go because I liked to gamble. It was exciting. It was fun. Now I go for the social aspects of it all. Seeing some good friends, catching up a years time in one weekend.

I have one goal this trip. I will come back with a story. A story that will be....

Wait for it... Legendary.

As part of the Vegas growing tradition, it’s time for………

Roulette: Blogger Style

Since I’ll inevitably play some roulette this weekend, I thought I’d get all my fellow bloggers to play along since you won’t be there.

You know how this is done. Pick a number between 0 and 36. Just one. I’ll play all the numbers I get and I’ll let you know which ones come up when I get back.

This will be a good judge of your excellence in super fun macktastical luckiness. By good judge I mean completely random of course. If your number keeps repeatedly hitting (landed on), I will send a plane for you.

Ko was the winner last year. Hopefully, the winner this year will be cuter and less hairy :D

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