Friday, February 16, 2007

I will neither confirm nor deny that I’ve had a fifth of whisky tonight

That was what I found on my screen the next morning after a long night of hitting the bottle. No occasion really. Just thought that bottle was a little too full.

I think I had something great to post and I was about to. Made myself a little drink and I’d get started. The drink got a bit bigger, and refills were involved. As you can see, writing didn’t really work out.

You know what I think would make the world just a little tiny bit better? I think when you cut in front of someone while driving, you should wave. It doesn’t matter if they let you in or you forced yourself in. A little wave won’t hurt.

It can be a sign of gratitude or maybe a sign of apology (sometimes you just gotta cut). I think that little wave can go a long way in calming the other driver. It doesn’t take that much effort so why not do it?

I know from my personal experience, a hand wave can change a situation from me wanting to follow you home then sending you pictures of your children at school to a simple smile and wave back.

There are a lot of crazies out there. You don’t want to be pissing off the wrong one.

So this weekend when you’re driving around, take the second to wave when you have to cut someone off or get in front of them in a hurry.

Stop being such an asshole. If you have to be one though, just remember to wave.

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