Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Respect My Pimping!

I heard this at the pool table next to mine. I think if you have to tell someone to respect your pimping, you’re not doing that great of a job. I couldn't help but hear that phrase in Cartman voice. Also, one said for their tie breaker game, they’re doing this straight street. Yea, they're playing pool. I’m not lying. They actually said straight street. If you’ve seen ‘You got served’ you’d know this is hilarious.

Me mind you, was not playing pool. I was, get ready for it… Shuffle boarding. That’s right bitches, Shuffle board. It’s a good time. I’m not good at it, but it’s fun! And nooooo it’s not just for old people.

There was this couple that played next to us. I'm not being mean I swear, but they just looked so interesting. Nothing specific, but just that they're both super skinny and a little bit awkward. Ok, by a little bit, I mean just regular awkward. Like I said, I'm not sure what it is or what I even mean by that, but they were interesting to watch. At one point I think I tried imagining them having sex. Yea, awkward sex. I'm sure they do it wild and crazy though. Go awkward looking couple go!!

I think guys have cycles. Like womanly cycles, but without the mass blood loss. Just times when your mood is all different. Yea, don’t fight it, you know you have cycles. Luckily, I’m out of my hateful mean cycle and now I’ve entered into my best cycle. My need to dance cycle. Yes, these are all scientific terms, hateful mean cycle and dance cycle.

That’s right. It’s time to dance.

Maybe it’s not a cycle, but that I’m just actually semi caught up a bit at work. At least enough where people are not yelling at me anymore. So it was time for beats. I turned up the music with some hard trance blaring. In between calls and emails, it was go time. I needed both the practice and the exercise. It’s quite a funny scene really.

I was thinking of what to do in the coming weeks. Should I try new things or get back in the swing of doing old school things. I really haven’t been doing very much besides sitting here in this room working.

You know what’s funny? I wrote that part above last night. I’m not going to say if alcohol had anything to do with it or just general tiredness. Now that I read it, it sounds really silly. Not that any of it is untrue, but still. Too bad I didn’t put down the other stuff I was writing. Ha, that’d be a good read for everyone.

Whatever I do, I need to get the crew together. Maybe get some new people, but need a crew nevertheless. Time to start recruiting.

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