Tuesday, May 06, 2008

WHAT the Fuck is wrong with you people?!

Check your watches, it's that time again.

Let me start out by giving you some numbers.

25,000 - Number of deaths per DAY due to conditions linked to hunger.
720 - Number of children who die every HOUR from conditions linked to hunger.
100 Million - Number of people worldwide driven into poverty over the last year because of rising food prices.

$1000 - The cost of a metric ton of rice on the world market. Two months ago it was $460.
$755 million - Projected shortfall in the United Nation's World Food Program budget this year because of the recent rise in prices.

$1 - Nearly half of sub-Saharan Africa's population of 700 million people have to live on less than this per day.

You want to have a real war on terror? This is the real fucking terror.

There is nothing. Absolutely NOTHING that kills at this rate. If we're so into helping people (the new reason for Iraq since that whole WMD thing didn't work out), maybe helping starving people might be a better way to go. For a change, the world would be supportive of us and the people would actually greet us with cheers.

You know what a real shame is? We can't help on a government level cause we're broke. We can't help anyone because the war has bankrupted this country and we're trillions of dollars in debt. All for what? What do we really have to show for all this? You got rid of Saddam? Big fucking whoop. What do you want a cookie?

If you don't care about the helping people thing, think about this. If you and your family are starving, and some dude comes up to you and say 'know what, I'll make sure your family has plenty of food and some money if you strap on this explosive belt for me and run into that market'. Guess what, chances are, they're probably going to do it. These types of situations are the perfect breeding and recruitment grounds for terrorists.

All you fuckers out there who are fighting for 'God'. You know what would make your lord look really good? Probably not killing people. Try helping the millions of people that are starving. You've been fighting for thousands of years now. You're still living in a cave. So this whole fighting and kill plan might not be working out so well. How about we try a new strategy? Try the 'helping people' route to show the glory of your God. Seriously, give it a shot. If you don't like it, you can always go back to the killing.

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