Friday, May 09, 2008

You CANNOT be serious

This whole thing going on in Myanmar is beyond upsetting. I know there is a lot of outrage all over the world, but there should be much more. I know this is extreme, but all you war hawks over there in Washington. Prove we don’t just go into wars for oil. Prove we give a fuck about something other than ourselves. Get rid of this military Jinta that’s letting thousands of its people die.

The official death toll remains at nearly 23,000, with 42,119 people missing. Experts fear it could be as high as 100,000. If you’ve been keeping up, the government first said the number of deaths was around 300. Seriously? 300? Are you that totally inept?

With the lack of action from the government, millions of people are now at risk of getting sick and dying from the lack of clean water, food, or a dry place to stay. Nearly a week after the storm, survivors are now having to contend with rotting corpses of people and animals as they wait for food, clean water and medicine. Supplies that are on the boarder, but are not allowed to get into the country. People, it is time to say go fuck yourself to that totally worthless excuse of a government, we’re coming in to save your people because it’s apparent you’re completely incompetent.

So we get this news today. “Western aid experts in Bangkok will have to wait at least four more days to get into Myanmar to help cyclone victims because the Myanmar embassy in the Thai capital took a local holiday on Friday.”

Are you serious?!! A holiday? Right now? Really? The Fuck is wrong with you?

Suffering from extreme paranoia, the Jinta is refusing any foreign worker in to help. These are people who have the knowledge of disaster relief. Just having the food and supplies there is not enough. You need people who know how to get this out to people. This is not a political thing. These are people here to help save your people because you’re utterly useless.

As a sign of how little this government cares about it’s people, the junta urged citizens on Friday to do their patriotic duty and vote for an army-drafted constitution in a televised message that made mo mention of the millions living in cyclone-affected areas where the balloting had been postponed.

So in this time of great need for the government to step up, they’re number one concern is not their people, but it’s to keep themselves in power.

The latest news coming from the wires are that the government has confiscated all the aid that has been sent over. The UN has no choice but to stop sending aid. This is just fucking-tastic.

This is a time when people in the world need to step up. This type of behavior should not and cannot be tolerated! It’s time for the world to open up a collective can of whoop ass. We’re not doing this just to change a government cause we don’t like them, but when you put millions of people’s lives in danger, the people of the world needs to have a say.

UN. Time to step up. Allow countries to go in. Time is of absolute essence right now. The Jinta had their chance and they’ve proven their worthlessness. No one will fault you for this as the world will be behind you. Protect the people of Myanmar from their worthless government. This is what you’re suppose to do. Allow other countries to help the people. There’s no more time to ask for permission. It’s time to act.


Life's Adventures said...

Why do you think this country is in the state it's in? Because of the damn Politics.

Anonymous said...

The only solution to this country's problems is for all nations to stop aid immediately, and a bloody coup to take place. Foreign aid wil aid the military in keeping control and power over the starving masses. If everyone is starving, at least the people can revolt and kill this regime and install another one.

Pup said...

LA - I don't think politics is avoidable. However, we can have good politics versus useless politics.

A - The Buddists will not fight. Non violence is kind of their thing. The US seems to be big on changing regimes. Why aren't we doing it here?

Right... they have no oil. So sad for them.