Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The World Needs...

In Myanmar, over 10,000 people are dead. Millions are now in danger because of some paranoid old men's lust for control and ego.

An earthquake shook China Monday afternoon destroying cities all through the country. At last count, 12,000 people are dead and they have just begun digging out the bodies from various cities. There are still cities and villages that no one can get to yet. The causalities will surely rise.

Due to high energy costs and even higher food prices, famine is spreading across the world. Countries that were just breaking out of the cycle of famine are in danger of falling back in due to issues that they had no control over.

Rhinos are pretty much extinct now because ignorant and stupid people think their horns carry magical properties or some crap like that.

More and more wars and violence is spreading across the world. Everywhere you see, there is violence. Everywhere you go, there is death.

Weather all around the world is getting more erratic and dangerous. Areas that are not used to natural disasters are getting hit and hit hard.

There are so many people out there that just doesn't care. I understand everyone has their own problems and hardships. But the more people care only about themselves, their own situations, and nothing about the world and people as a whole, the less chance this world will have to get better.

What the world needs is a hero.


Jamie said...

The world is in trouble. And Americans are more worried about spending half as much on gasoline as the rest of the world! Let's drill Alaska and the coastlines of our country, omg! We are finally thinking of our world and being greener, yet there are idiots still demanding to blow it all by drilling!

And the disasters around the world are going to affect us all eventually. And we are going to have record heat temps in our country in this week, so tell me we won't have issues this summer.

My heart goes out to Burma and China. We should all be thinking of them considering our recent earthquakes, floods and storms, and the fact it could have easily been us, too. Remember how responsive OUR country was to New Orleans?

Pup said...

It still amazes me that even when the whole world wants to help, the leadership in Burma still refuses help. Even worse, they're now saying their people are fine. Umm hello?

This is like having children running the country.