Thursday, October 09, 2008

The Base

Is this the base that people keep talking about? This is the group of people voting for McCain? Is this the group of people you really want to be associated with?

I realize that there are going to be dumbasses on both sides, but this is just a bit scary. Guilty because of someone's name? That's what's motivating your vote? Not the fact that the Dow is around 9000? For all of you out there that thinks Obama's tax increase for the super rich will affect you, why aren't you caring about the economy instead of someone's name? And if you don't care about the Dow, you're probably never going to be in that super rich category.

If someone named Hugh Harry Richard could solve the current economic crisis, I would vote for him regardless of his name.

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Mrs. Monkey said...

I am so sick of the racist emails I keep getting calling Obama a muslim terrorist. Seriously, I even called out some patients the other day on it. They pulled out 'quotes' from his book, the misleading, false quotes that have been passed around in email, and I thought laid to rest a while back.

It floors me that people can be so stupid. It shouldn't. But it does.