Friday, October 03, 2008

Royal Randwick

Last week was the lawn party at the Royal Randwick. They Royal Randwick is a horse track here and last week was the first race of the season (I think), or maybe it was just a chance to throw a big party.

I wasn't too sure about this event as it was a pretty expensive event. The price of admission did include all you can eat and drink, so that along with a few friend's encouragement, I was there. Along with the horse race and booze, there was going to be 5 stages set up with DJs. Good ones, not glorified wedding Djs. That was also a big selling point. I haven't been to a big event here yet, so this will be a good trial. The event was also very cool in that every one had to dress up. All the guys were in suits and the ladies were all in nice dresses and hats. Big hats, small hats, feathers in their hair. It was pretty sweet.

We got there about noon, and for the next 5 hours, it was an open bar. Like I mentioned, this event was pretty expensive, so being the cheap bastard that I am, I tried to drink it all back. Yea... there was some serious drinking going on.

There were also lots of tents for food. There was an Asian tent that had stir fry and sushi, a curry tent, a fish and chips tents, and an Aussie food tent (meat pies, etc). I don't know if it's cause I was just drunk, but the food was pretty good.

In between the races, the DJs would start the beats. Apparently, the beats scares the horses, so no beats during race. Each stage was playing a different style. After a few races where I did terrible in the betting (if I chose a horse to win, the horse would come in 2nd, if I chose it to place, it would come in fourth. This happened in 3 races), I decided to concentrate on the drinking and the music.

I was loving the beats. It's been a while, and I sure miss good beats. I'll be the first one to admit this, I'm an incredible snob when it comes to dance music. I love dancing, but I will not dance to crappy music. Yea, get over it. With good music though, watch out.

So the beats were good and I got down. I must've been doing something right, or maybe just making a total ass of myself, but I got a lot of interest in the dancing which is always good. Had a few strangers take photos with me and got to pose for a few online magazines photos too (sadly, I was too drunk to remember which magazine they were).

It was a good day at the tracks. There was plenty to eat and drink and beats. Lots and lots of beats. I did bet on one last race and the horse did come in for me which even all of my other losses so it was all good.
Next week will be the first of the big dance events here in Sydney. Angels in White. Stay tuned for that, should be brilliant.

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