Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Let Me Clear My Throat

I've been hearing a lot of Anti-Obama people and groups saying that he will make this country a socialist country. Some even throw out the word communism.

First of all, please look up what these words mean before spewing them out. I am willing to bet you don't really know what you're saying or what it means to be in these types of government.

To these people who are spewing suggestions of socialism like it was some type of horrible disease, I bet you voted for Bush in the last 2 elections. In case you been under a rock, you might notice that we're under a bit of a financial crisis. The current president, the one that you voted for twice (probably), is hailing his economic stimulus plan of partially nationalizing major banks.

Think for a moment what this means. For the longest time, the banks were enjoying the profits for themselves and their shareholders. Now that they're in trouble, the current president is using yours and my money to help out and to buy a stake in them. Guess what this model of government is called? Anyone? Anyone? Buller?

That's right. This is socialism. By having the government have ownership in big banks and using the tax payer's money in these institutions, you're essentially federalizing banking in this country. Congratulations. You don't have to wait for Obama. The guy you voted for is way ahead of you. You know, that guy that's 'just like you', and that 'you can have a beer with'. That guy.

So, how does that make you feel? You think that whole socialism thing is a good argument against Obama? You're already part of the it. Like it or not. You voted for the guy that's starting this process. Once again, congrats!

Btw, both McCain and Obama is supporting this bailout plan. So if you're saying Obama is for socialism by supporting this plan, well then, so is McCain.

Also, as a side fact, do you know who the strongest economy is right now? or at least in a couple of years? That's right, China.

Guess what type of government they are? Huh? Anyone? Anyone?

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