Saturday, January 07, 2006

It’s going to be…. Wait for it…. Legendary. Part 2

It’s 3pm at the bar. There aren’t many people there. The employees busily work to prep for the on-coming dinner rush. It was a small but kinda trendy place. I sat at the bar with Ko killing some time before we headed off for the Daily Show.

The bartender talked to us while cutting fruits and getting all the mixers ready for the night. She had short dark hair and reminded me a lot of my old grad school roommate. That helped a lot in making me comfortable talking to her. That and the hours of 'training' I’ve had sitting at a bar.

So after a bit of talking and finding out that she was excited and jealous that we were going to see the Daily Show, I said that we had an extra ticket, and I didn’t want it to go to waste, so she should come with.

She deliberated a bit, then served me a nice glass of Magic Hat #9 (nice fruity beer), and after a bit, sadly she had to say no because she was working a double that night and no one was able to cover.


However, she said that there is someone at the restaurant that would love to go. She asked if we’d mind him going with us. Just before me asking the bartender to go, we had talked about how I could give this ticket to someone and totally make their day.

Well, I’m all about making someone’s day and according to her, this guy is a huge fan. It was also his last day at work too, so it should cheer him up. Everything had been flowing so smoothly during this trip. The travel up to NYC, the parking, the getting to the studio, and we never even got lost once. No awkwardness or anything, the guy M, was cool. We told him when and where to be, and that’s that.

After finishing up another drink, we headed down to the studios to stand in line. Even being there over 2 hours early, there were still over a hundred people already there (I know this cause we were given tickets with numbers on it later). We stood in line outside in the cold. It was a small price to pay. What made it ok was the people that were also waiting in line. People were quite friendly and talkative. I think we all realize we're all kinda geeky for what we had to do to get tickets and standing here for this show.

M showed up soon after. We talked for a while. He’s a musician and is now starting a band. He quit this last job without knowing what he’s going to do next, but he's young, so I guess this is the time to do it. At least he’s off to a good start with a free ticket to the Daily Show. The chances aren’t good, but I hope he makes it huge. Then I can say, I gave that dude a ticket once.

Yea, probably not. Well, at least he’s gonna have a good time today.

There was a couple standing behind us at the line. Since they first walked up, I noticed them and had talked with them a little before M showed up. They were quite a cute couple, and seem like the type of people I'd like.

Little did I know how much I'd like them later.

To be continued…

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