Wednesday, January 11, 2006

It's Gonna Be...…Wait for it... Legendary! Part 4

We had a wonderful dinner. The food was good, the company was great, and the bathrooms were simply fabulous. If you know me, you'd know how often I was in there.

After the dinner was over, there was still no word from LiAps. It sucked being up there and not hanging out with him, but we were very lucky to have ran into RA. We found a small bar with TVs so we could drink and watch the USC-Texas game. By the time we started the watching the game, I've had a few beers in me, so I was being a bit loud.

It's not that I was louder than usual, it's just that I'm loud when it comes to watching sports. I believe several of you can attest to excitment/obnixiousness of watching a sporting event with me. Yea, I'm that guy that thinks he can yell loud enough for the people on the field can hear. This is especially bad when I've been drinking or when I'm watching a team I despise. Both were the case in this situation.

By now, we've been hanging out with RA for about 6 hours straight. Never once did I feel the conversation strained or awkard. We were talking like old friends. It was quite a strange feeling since we just met them. Every now and then I would be like, OMG, we just met these people. Throughout the conversation, they continued to amaze me with their experiences and answers to my questions.

I thought for a moment why I was so interested in this couple and then it hit me like a ton of bricks. This couple was living one of my dreams. They moved to NYC without a whole lot with them. They didn't have jobs lined up and wasn't sure that they had a place to stay. Just the two of them trying to make it in the city. It could've easily turned out badly, but fortuantly things are going well, and they've got each other to support on.

The two of them vs. the city.

Nothing, I mean nothing, is more movie-esk than a plot line like that. Except maybe moving up there single and finding someone in the same situation living in your building. Maybe run into someone at the store buying a simiar thing, strike up conversation, and end up having desert together.

Or doing laundry late at night at an empty Laundromat and striking up conversation with the only other person there or... nevermind. I digress.

After a few hours at the bar, I get a text message from LiAps. We were going to meet him at his apt. so he could let us in before rushing out again. We had to do this soon so he could get back.

It was hard leaving them as it seem like there was a lot more we could've talked about. It was getting late and we had to meet LiAps while they had to get back and be ready for work bright and early. Funny thing with the convenience of the city. Most things are easy to get to, but it sure does take a while to walk to the train station, ride the train, then walk some more.

When we got out of the bar, it had become a little foggy and there was a light mist/rain. It was pretty cool to walk in the empty city in the fog with the lights of the city slightly distorted. We walked a couple of blocks and on Broadway we stopped. RA and us exchanged information and we said our good byes. They went one way while we walked the other.

I waited over a year for the tickets to the Daily Show and then another 6 months before actually seeing the show. There were a lot of headaches as a few people cancelled on me for 2 of those tickets and with moving things around so I can have time off from my job. The strangeness of very little traffic into the city so we were able to drink at 3 in the afternoon. The random meeting of people that lead to a meeting of a couple that is living my dream. .

I think this trip worked out just fine.

Hopefully we'll see them again soon.

You never know who you'll meet in New York City, New York.

The End.

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