Friday, January 06, 2006

Fate? Coincidence? Randomness? It's All Good…. Part 1

The day started early as I had several calls and other work related things to take care of. I was a focused Pup as I knew what was going to happen later that day. Only a few hours of concentration at work till I can get my reward that I’ve waited for over a year for.

Yup, in a matter of hours, I would be on my way to New York City to be part of the audience for The Daily Show!!!!

OMG!!! Yes, I know you’re jealous.

I thought the show the night before would be the first of the year, but it turned out to a rerun. So this was going to be the first show of the year!!

The drive up to NYC was easy. For some reason, there was no traffic going into NYC. We found a parking space easily and were well on our way to the studio. We were guessing it would take about 3.5 hours for the trip, but we got there in about 2.5, and wanting to be there early, we were already planning to be there early, so now we're way ahead of schedule.

So we got to the studio 3 hours earlier than the early time of having to be there. We didn’t want to stand in line that long so we walked around for a bit.

What do we happen upon while we were wandering through the streets of NYC? Why, it’s the studio for The Colbert Report. Awesomeness.

It wasn’t as awesome as it could be because the show was off till next Monday, but still very cool.

Since we still had so much time to kill, I naturally suggest my favorite past time. We found and went to the nearest bar. The place was pretty empty. Much to my surprise, people don’t drink at 3 in the afternoon.

If there’s one thing I’ve learn in the last few years of spending ridiculously long spans of time at a bar, that’s talking to the bar tender. It didn’t hurt that the bar tender was quite cute. Looked a lot like my grad school roommate really.

So I was chatting her up when I realize that she was a big fan of The Daily Show and I had an extra ticket. Well, I can't just let me ticket go to waste can I? I thought I’d take a wild shot and ask if she’d go to the show…

To be continued….

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