Sunday, January 08, 2006

It’s Gonna Be… Wait for it…. Legendary! Part 3

I had spoken with the couple that was behind us in line a little before M showed up. Being the very sociable type, M was talking with them and others in no time. It was a good thing too cause we were standing in line for about another 2 hours once M showed up.

The conversation with the couple was great (We’ll call them RA. R for the guy, and A for the gal). There were a lot of similar interests between us. Most of them nerdy or geeky so I’m not going to go into details. I’ll just say I only know of one other chick that would answers some of the sci-fi questions like A. Brilliant I say.

After a couple of hours of waiting in the cold they started letting people in the studio. As you would imagine, there’s a bit of a stampee. Somehow people go separated so I ended up sitting with Ko and A, while M and R were sitting together in another section. It was quite enjoyable sitting by A during the show. We were cracking jokes throughout.

There was a guy that came out to warm up the crowd for Jon Stewart. This guy was pretty funny. From making jokes and making fun of the crowd, to trying to hook up a couple of the audience members, this guy did a good job.

Finally, Jon Stewart came out. He talked to the audience and took some questions. I totally froze from the pressure of asking him something funny and witty. I mean, it’s not like this is Jerry Springer. You have to ask good witty questions here. I’d have no problem at the Jerry Springer show.

Pup: ‘Incest Whore! Incest Whore!! Incest Whore’

Oh, I got Jerry questions and chants down. Stewart? Not so much.

The show was great and it’s awesome to be so close to the set. The set is actually quite small. With all the loud laughing and whoo-ing I was doing, I was pretty hoarse by the end of the show.
After the show, Ko and I were suppose to meet up with LiAps to watch the UT-USC game at a bar, but I got a text before the show was over saying there was an emergency and he wasn’t going to be able to meet up with us till later. Don't worry, it wasn't serious.

So after the show I asked what RA was doing and we decided to go out to dinner together. We went to this place M had suggested earlier. It was trendy, but not overly so. The food was not bad and it was a nice lively place (without being overcrowded).

The best part of the restaurant had to be that there were 4 separate bathrooms that were highly decorated. Each named and decorated with a glass mural of Cher, Elvis, Dolly, and Nelly and their music playing in each bathroom.

Now, I can understand Cher, Elvis, and Dolly, but Nelly? The other 3 are pretty big music icons, and then there's Nelly. Not that I'm busting on Nelly, it's just that he didn't seem to fit. There was an action figure of Nelly enclosed in a glass case in his bathroom so maybe he's bigger than I thought.

Sure I was getting hot in there, but I didn’t want to take off all my clothes.

To be continued….

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