Saturday, January 21, 2006

Well here she is!

First of all, let me tell you. I hate the process of car shopping more than anything. I hate car dealerships. I hate sales and finance people. Here's a shorten list of things I would much rather do than deal with car dealerships:

Get trapped in a city of Zombies (which btw, I'm fully prepared for now. Thanks!)
Get hit in the balls with a ball
Drunken puking
Bible study

Anyway. After skipping out on a meeting (people need to get a fucking life and not schedule meetings at 5:30pm on a Friday), I finished cleaning out Big Red and got her ready to be fully washed and cleaned. When I was cleaning, there were a lot of memories lodged between and under those seats.

There were directions to lots of places I've been. A Bra. My old glasses. A number of wedding invitations. Some remains of a few times when I had to pass out in the back seat. Probably a dozen lighters and matches. And of course, a few good knives.

Big Red and I had some good times together. After almost 10 years and 133,000 miles, we've built a good lot of memories that only we share. The countless hours of my bad singing, dancing, and general bad driving. We traveled from the east coast to the Rockies and back. We've made dozens of trips to the Big Easy. She had her fits, but she was always there for me.

One of my fondest memories of Big Red was when she held steady during my scariest drive home from Denver to Colorado Springs when a fresh coat of snow and ice was on the ground and I was literally spinning around in the streets in Dever. Luckily it was 3:30am, so no cars were around. The drive home usually takes an hour. With the snow so fresh, the sweepers hadn't been out yet. It continued to snow hard during the entire drive. It took me about 3 hours to get home. She held steady beneath the snow storm and we made it ok.

When I was at the dealership, they told me I would not get much for Big Red. They mentioned a couple of things bad about her and I almost kick the guy in the balls for talking bad about my girl. You can't put a price on the experience and memories we've had, but apprently you can on a car with the check engine light on and no hub caps.

There are a lot of reasons why Big Red is so special to me. The most important ones I've never told anyone, and those that would know the connection have not made them. It was hard letting her go. I thought about donationing her or driving her off a cliff. I know that's how she would've wanted to go. I took the easy way out, I know.

Well it's the end of a chapter between me and Big Red. When you go out tonight, pour a little bit of your 40oz out for Big Red. She would like that.

So now I've got the new car. It's pretty amazing with all the features. My favorite so far is the rear camera. When I put the car in reverse, the screen will show what's behind me so I don't run over anything.

I've thought about it, and to respect Big Red and her memories, I'm going to give the new car a new name.

This is where you come in. I'm open for suggestions. Have at it in the comments!

Happy Saturday!

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