Sunday, March 12, 2006

Don Pup-o-Vanni

One of Mozart’s better known and most performed operas (for those of you that go to operas) based on the character of Don Juan.

I was in Minnesota this past weekend watching this Opera. Yes I know this hurts my redneck status and No, I don’t just fly to other cities to watch Operas. A good friend (I've known since back in the 8th grade) had one of the leading roles for this show. It was his biggest role yet. Throughout the past few years I’ve always went to watch and support him when he had a big role.

We’ve always been pretty good friends this whole time. We even share the same birthday. As we grow older, it is always interesting to reflect on how you got to where you are and those around you.

In a sold out opera house of 1750 attendees, it was amazing watching someone you’ve known for so long up there on stage performing. His voice roared through the opera house. Though I maybe a little biased, he was by far the best in the cast. The audience thought so too as he received the loudest applauds at the end of the show.

I was very proud to know him after the show as he took me backstage to see how it all happens in the background and to meet the other cast members. I was like a giddy groupie telling people who I knew. I think it’s so interesting the life that he has chosen. It’s certainly not the boring 9-5 life that everyone else I know lives.

I know he'll go far. He's a great talent and a great person. Even more importantly, knowing the Pup goes a long way (to where I don't know, but I'm sure it's somewhere).

I can’t wait to see him perform at the Met in New York City.

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