Friday, March 03, 2006


I just realized that I’m all talk when it comes to being a red neck (yes, I refer to myself as a redneck sometimes but that’s neither here or there). I checked my MP3 collection last night and realized that I don’t have Skynyrd’s original version of Freebird.


Seriously, what kind of self respecting redneck does not have the original version of Freebird? I’m so embarrassed.

After shouting “Freebird” numerous times at concerts (most famously at a Tori Amos concert which she heard and laughed) and at other public events/place, and even one verse at a karaoke bar, I didn’t even have a copy of the original.

I watched a movie last night that had Freebird as the big ending song. Gotta tell ya, it got me pretty fired up and this was 1 in the morning. I ran upstairs to look for the song to rock out to, but found that my Skynyrd collection only consisted of Sweet Home Alabama.

I panicked and though I don’t like them, I bought the song off itunes.

Now I’m rocking out to Freebird at 2am.

To make up for this I’ll be getting back to those red neck roots this weekend. Nothing but PBR and the High Life.

Have a good weekend everyone!

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