Wednesday, March 22, 2006

House Hunting Pup

The work has been overwhelming busy lately. Luckily, due to the incompetence of a certain VP at a very large fortune 100 company, I have a little time today.

I was wondering what I should write about having been absent for a while. I had an overload when I was thinking of all the political things out there. The world is so screwed up right now it’s scary. Luckily for most of the American population, they have learned to turn a blind eye to everything except for themselves and their own pocketbooks.

Just a few quick comments though because I can’t resist.
- Mark my words, this hurricane season will be the worst ever. Blame it on Mother Nature or God being angry or whatever excuses all you want. Just keep on driving that 10mpg SUV and see what happens.

- Millions of adults and children are dying in Africa through disease and genocide. The United States has pledged $5.1 billion in the next 5 years to help buy vaccines. That’s the same amount of money we spend PER DAY in Iraq. We sure have our priorities straight. Nice Christian values by the way. War over saving people.

- While we waste all of our resources in a never ending, never winnable war, education and social programs are greatly suffering, China and Saudi Arabia is buying up the US piece by piece and we inch ever closer to a military state. Soon the terrorists will have what they've wanted.

- While this administration has all our military resources tied up in Iraq, the real threats of Iran and North Korea continues to buy time and grow ever stronger and ever nuclear.

- We have “liberated” Afghanistan to become the biggest opium producers in the world. Yea for freedom and democracy.

- While this administration keeps telling us to fear terrorists from other countries, the real terror is from within like the governor of South Dakota signing a bill to ban abortion. Do you know why the terrorists will eventually stop fighting us? Not because we've killed them or they've changed their mind. It's because we’re on a path to be just like them.

- With a base salary of $165,200 per year (not including benefits and more for seniority), congress is scheduled to work about 97 days this YEAR. That averages to about $213 an hour for the base salary. The average American has worked 50 days to congress’s 19 days so far this year. The minimum wage is still at $5.15/hour.

Hmm. Guess I didn’t get to write about my house hunting adventures. We’ll get to that next time. Just for fun, I went with my sister to look at an open house that was on the market for $1.7 million dollars. OMG.

There was a walk in pantry in the kitchen that was the size of a small bedroom. Any of the 3 floors would make a nice 3 bedroom house for a family.

More on that later!

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