Thursday, March 02, 2006

Oh sorry, I can’t Make the 8am Meeting. I Need to Protest.

This is something that’s been on my mind for a while now as I watch the increased number of demonstrations around the Middle East and the rest of the world.

Please excuse my ignorance here as I do not know how the culture and business practices are around the world, but I must ask. Do/can people take off work for protests or are only unemployed people and/or students in these demonstrations?

Is it ok for someone to say, “Can we move the meeting till tomorrow? I’ve got a demonstration today” or “Oh, can’t come in today, burned my hand while burning a flag yesterday”. I mean seriously, where they fuck are all these people regularly doing that they can come out in such big numbers to demonstrations. I mean, these demonstrations are not once a year or once every few months. They're out there almost weekly now. Seriously, what do these people do? I seriously doubt a company would think protesting is a good reason for missing work.

Do you know what I want to do after my 11 hour work day? I’ll tell you what I don’t want to do. I’m not in the fucking mood to protest shit. (esp. trivial things like they've demonstration lately). I want a beer, grab some food, and watch some TV. That’s it. I think most people would agree with me.

This is what it would sound if someone suggested I go protesting.

Person 1: “Hey Pup, let’s go demonstrate! It’ll be a good time. I’ve got a flag and a can of AquaNet!
Pup: “You know what, I’ve had a long day and I’ve got an early meeting tomorrow. I’ll catch you on the next one I swear.”

This is what it would sound like if I suggested I take off the day to go protesting.

Boss: “You want to take a half day to do what?! Let me thinking about it. No.”

I believe that’s how these conversations would also go for most people.

I’m not saying jobs are the saviors of social unrest, but I sure as hell think that it would help a lot when large packs of people aren’t just roaming the streets looking for something to do.

People ask about how a lot of social problems can be fixed. You know what, it’s not THAT difficult. It’s a two step process. Education and the need for People to have jobs. It all starts there. We will focus on the job part here.

Governments have a big responsibility to create jobs within their country. If not just for economic reasons, there are big social implications as well.

Human with too much free time is not a good thing. Humans without structure is not a good thing. Humans are bad enough, but humans (esp. those with little education) with too much free time, will cause headaches for the rest of society.

Think of children and teenagers. This population is much more likely to cause problems simply because they have all this free time, and one innate human trait is to do things that keep us amused. With the need to be amused and all this free time, they will naturally do bad things.

This is not all that dissimilar to those who are protesting. Like children and teenagers, this population does not have much money (therefore can’t amuse themselves in normal ways). They do not have the understanding and education to fully comprehend what is something worth protesting/fighting for, and what is just an ignorant mob looking for a fight.

This is where the need of the government to focus its citizens to be productive and create jobs to ensure that everyone is productive comes into the picture. The role of the government is to ensure that the society continues to grow and achieve for the better. Not only are these human (protestors) that I see on TV right now unproductive, but they are a strain on the society’s resources.

Society needs to produce no matter what. So when there are so many unproductive people in one society, that puts the strain on the smaller population that are being productive to support all those other slackers.

Uneducated unproductive people. What are they good for? Nothing. It is up to the government to ensure that the society is build on educating its population and then having a mentality of hard work. Everything else will come much easier.

Happy Thursday!

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