Thursday, March 01, 2007


This is probably not what I had in mind when I said try I’d try new things, but here’s to trying some new stuff on this blog.

I just recently found all these cool stuff you can do. Yea, I’m pretty behind.

All you people that went to wordpress can suck it!! This does labels/categories now and is a whole lot easier to use.

This is still under construction, so don't get all used to anything.

Any suggestions on what else to do on here?

It’s so nice and stormy outside. I wish I didn’t have this work to do. It’d be a good time here.


foundme said...

Wow, look at YOU making changes on your blog! And I'm totally digging this weather. It's like 60 degree's here!

Kate the Peon said...


Pup said...

I've loving the labels. Only reason why people went to stupid wordpress. I knew Google would get it soon.

Yay big evil empire!

Jamie said...

Actually, I went for the password protection! If got THAT, I'd be back in a heartbeat!

Pup said...

They do have permission now!!


Take a look.

barrie said...

Gotta do something about the brown. Seriously.