Friday, March 02, 2007


Texting under the influence.

It’s not good kids. Don’t do it. It’s not worth the next day ‘oh damn why did I text that’.

Here are some of what was texted last night.

- I’m the best Dig Dug player EVER. (it’s true)
- Respect my Pimping!
- Shuffleboard is the funniest! (Funnist? Really? It’s not even a word)
- I’m so drunk I just ran into a door (don’t remember texting that or the door. Hmm)
- It’s time to dance!
- Random old job stuff (very interesting, but not for you. Just me and Howdy. Hi Howdy!)
- Seriously, I’m so drunk I ran into the door again! (Yea, definitely don’t remember that one)

There were lots of other things I would’ve texted, but apparently all my friends were either asleep or ignoring me. This was early too. This is what happens when you get old. Your friends are old and go to sleep early. Lame.

The lesson learned from last night. Don’t TUI. Have a designated holder for your cell phone.
And if you see your friends TUI, stop them. Friends don’t let friends Text under the influence.


Big Pinz said...

In your defense, Dig Dug rules.

Jamie said...

OK, I got the second door text, and didn't know when you ran into the door the FIRST time cause you texted that to someone else, I guess!

NOW I get it, ha ha!

Pup said...

BP - Dig dug does rule. You know what doesn't? Moon Patrol. Damn that moon patrol!! Damn you big rocks in the middle of the road!!

J - yea, I was everywhere with the texting

barrie said...

ok, wtf is dig dug?

Pup said...


barrie said...

shaddup! I knew Lichtenstein was a country :-P

Kate the Peon said...

I showed 'respect my pimping' to Hottie McVolunteer. It seemed appropriate at the time. I will neither confirm nor deny the presence of alcohol in my body, though.

And I wondered the same thing as J re: the 2nd door...

Sorry for ignoring you. When Hottie McVolunteer talks, I listen. :)