Sunday, March 11, 2007

Weekend of Awesomeness

Oh where do I start? After another long week at work, I was so ready to just relax.

It started out great as on Thursday, I went to probably the best Chinese restaurant I’ve ever been to. The chef had won the national cooking championship in China 2 years in a row (why we don’t have that here is beyond me. We’re so lame when it comes to food). I was a little hesitant first at the name, Tasty China. Seriously, that sounds like the name a stripper or a porn star.

The menu had some interesting things on it that I’ve never seen. Not ingredient wise, just the way it was prepared. Most I’ve never heard of. I was a little hesitant on that too so I ordered what I usually order. Our waiter, who also happens to be the owner, said that I didn’t want that. I said no? He said no. He told me what to order instead. He did the same with what my friend ordered.

All I have to say is that the food was amazing. It was like nothing I’ve ever tasted before. I’ve used the phrase ‘a party in my mouth’ without truly knowing what that means. I think I know what that means now.

On Friday, there was yummy Indian food followed by a few games of Battleship at the bar. Board games in the bar is just plain awesome. We also went to a possible venue/bar for St. Paddy’s day. What? You don’t test drive bars before deciding to stay there for most of the day?

It was a nice old Irish bar. They had a good Scotch/whisky menu with great prices. I order a Guinness to try it out. After all, any Irish pub worth anything should know how to pour a Guinness. My Guinness was a bit flat and tasteless. My 2nd beer and both of my friend’s beers both tasted funny as well. Oh well, so much for that bar.

Some friends stayed over from the night before. Too much drinking and Karaoke Revolution-ing. For lunch, we went to a place called Ann’s snack shop. It was a little trailer with 6 seats in a not so good neighborhood.

The lady working there, Ann, was this small thin 70-ish looking lady. She might seem nice, but she’s the burger Nazi. No burger for you! First of all, you have to be in one of the 6 seats to get served. When someone would walk in after the seats are taken, she would yell something to the effect of ‘Can’t you see it’s full? Get out and wait with the rest of the people.” It was fantastic.

I ordered the Ghetto burger. Yes, that’s what it’s called. It’s a monstrous (I’m thinking probably 1.5-2 pounds of beef) thing of heart attack beauty. To create this monster, I first saw Ann put strips of bacon in the deep fryer. She probably thinks bacon is too good for you, so let’s deep fry it. She then uses the bacon grease to deep fry the fries. OMG, I could feel my arties clog up. It was so good I couldn’t stop eating though.

After my friends woke from a short grease induced coma, we went to the park. You could not ask for a better day. The temperature was perfect. The sun was out but not too shinny. The ladies were taking advantage of the first warm weekend to let the girls come out. I love warm weather.

I wasn’t sure if we were allowed to drink in the park, so I carried a cooler that looked like a backpack to conceal it if I needed to. Boy was I wrong. When we got there, everyone was just walking around with a beer in their hand or a case.

What probably was the best part of the park was who was also there. I saw an all male cheerleading squad practice their routine. It’s everything like you’d think it’d be. Simply fantastic.

I’m quickly reminded of why I moved into the city. This is so unlike suburbia. There were only a few kids running around. Everyone was drinking and having a good time. I mentioned the all male cheerleading squad right? This was just what I’m looking for.

Today, I got inspired to do some landscaping and I redid a lot of the front of the house. I trimmed all the bushes, put down new cedar mulch, put in a little curb fence thingy, and I planted some flowers. This is the first time I’ve ever planted flowers. I was quite impressed with myself. I’m becoming quite domestic. I got some Begonias and Inpatients and I also planted some sunflowers. That should be awesome if all comes together.

This week has some big events planned. Hope it’s as good as this last weekend.


Kate the Peon said...

You know I love you, but the statements "I mentioned the all male cheerleading squad right? This was just what I’m looking for." give me serious cause for concern.

Pup said...

I didn't mean that's what I was looking for. The diversity in the city silly.

Now that I reread that I can see your concern.

Wonder when auditions are ;)

Big Pinz said...

Yeah, KtP's comment is spot-on. You should not be so enraptured by men in tights.

Kate the Peon said...

I've used the phrase 'party in my mouth' before, but under completely different context.

KO said...

Dude! Stop hanging out with my sister!!!

Pup said...

BP - I'm not enraptured... To be enraptured I would have to know what that means.

KtP - I think you have a shirt that says that don't you? ;)

Ko - Hahahaha..