Tuesday, March 04, 2008

China - Day 1

It would be silly for me to tell you all the details of the trip. If you wanted that, you should've came along. That and I can hardly remember what happened earlier today. So I'm just going to tell you the highlights of what I remember.

14 hour flight to Shanghai. Nothing exciting there. Oh, I take that back. For our flight, we flew over Alaska and Siberia. Kinda like how the original Native Americans walked here. It was quite a sight. It was like looking at another planet. The terrain was so strange and white. I bet it was pretty messed up having to walk that in the winter. I stared out at that vastness quite a bit during the flight. I'm sure I didn't make any friends on the flight letting all that light in.

KO's sister picked us up from the airport. We went to her apt to drop our stuff off. We went straight to meet her friends for dinner then on to a very cool bar.

Shanghai was not a particularly interesting city from what I saw so far. It was like going to NYC or any other large city. Full of stores, people, and lots of taxi's. Funny thing about Shanghai, there are so many ex-Pats there. I mean a LOT. I think I see less white people when I'm in NYC. Most people spoke English too, so this was not really the experience I was looking for so far.

Things turned for the better when we went to Mokko's. It's a very small Japanese bar that served Sochu exclusively (a stronger form of Sake). I just drank and drank. It was so good. Even though my tolerance has dropped in recent weeks, it was still much higher than most of the people that was there. Jet lag my ass. It's drinking time.

My favorite part of the bar has to be the bartenders. They were very cool. Japanese people who speaks Chinese and a little English. Oh, don't get me started on how everyone in the world can speak multiple languages but here in the US. What the hell people. Anyway, for some reason, the bartenders almost seem anime-ish to me. All three had very distinctive cartoonish features. This is probably just the alcohol talking though.

So this is a very small hole in the wall Japanese bar in China. What kind of music do you think they played in the bar? That's right. Reggae. It was bloody brilliant. When the bartenders weren't working, they were just swaying and grooving. It was so awesome.

Here's a photo taken by a friend of the bottles of Sochu. They said they had about 150 different types. They can't import them so they fly back to Japan once every 3 months and bring them back. Can't beat that for service.

After the bar, we found a place that was serving meat on a stick. You know how much I love meat on a stick after a night of drinking. Little did I know, stuff on sticks is how they serve the majority of their food here.

Good time was had by all.


Mrs. Monkey said...

Those bottles are so cute! Deadly cute, I suspect. And your pics are amazing!

Big Pinz said...

All food is better when served on a stick. I have a friend - but for the life of me I can't remember who - who opposes any food served on a stick. This is ridiculous to me.